Saturday, March 28, 2015


                                            All the institutes and religions are concerning Dharma as the commodity, that is being sold in the super market. Hence the many are saying easily  this is Hindu dharma, that is Islam dharma, Vrutti dharma (dharma of proffession) Dharma of Mother, Dharma of Father, Our Dharma, Your Dharma  and so on.

                   Dharma is not the commodity in a fair. It is not the one which is advertised with crores of rupees. And has not been advertised.

                Dharma is the way of life to be practised by persons, groups, and who got notority as the  Angels, the Demons, the Satans, but not the wagging tail behind the persons, or behind the religions, or behind the monks when they wag.

                   It is  the "Personality" which makes to know the truth in a simple way and   makes the persons to live in the bliss  .

                           Don't live by "Self deceiving" in the view that I have been living furtively the Dharma. Dhrma is wathing all this.  Be beware even hence forth.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What is Humanology :

Humanology denotes the interrelationship among the person, man, family, society, world, universe and ultimately with the God also.

In this process, at first, a person should know his own personality.

What is Personality :

Personality means “MADE FOR EACH OTHER”.

The god created the one personality, in two forms. One is in the form of female – Prakrithi Swarupa and the other is in the form of male – Atma swarupa.

Though the male and female are in two forms, from the beginning to the end they are in the one.
These two’s appearances, tastes and minds (manasu) are common. In these two if one feels pleasure, the same will be known to the an other. Suffering, angry, illhealth are manifested by these two at a same time.
Sun, Moon, water, Dharma, peace, like all such terms have their own meaningful. Atma (Saul) and Prakrithi swarupas.

For example, Rama and Sita are well known to all of us with their titles (Nama) and appearances (Rupa). If we suppose, that these two persons have negative and positive charges of the substance (Padartham) called the earth, then Rama and sita would become the Atma Swarupudu and prakrithi Swarupini, who both have ‘the personality’ of the earth.

Each soul (Atma) and prakrithi forms have their particular meaning. This is called “”personality”
Self – Realisation

The person who is in the name of Rama should try to know about himself after his birth. Then he could know himself as the atma swarupa (form of saul), his soul send has a meaning, that is earth, and there is the ‘power’ that causes to move him, that is in the form of Sita – a stree Swarupa (form of woman) and he could know that he and Sita are created for the same purpose. If Rama knows all these, then he is called as the person who knows about himself This is the Self-Realisation.

Man and Person :

Who knows them selves will have known immediately the second thing, that is the personality named the earth. This is one of the part of a man in his/her three parts. Through this we know the fact that ‘man’ and ‘person’ are different to each other.
Who is the man :
The man has the electron, the proton, the neutron, the three basic types of natures. These three natures with their positive and negative charges they exist as Six ‘persons’. These six persons are inseparables and live as an atom.

That means, man is the totality of these six persons. The electron, the proton, the neutron, these three personalities coexist in an inseparability just like as the un separable coexistence of a male and female in a person.

Who is the God :

The God is the fourth substance, who supports to sustain the coexistence of these six persons who coexist as an atom.

God substance is the primary source for the crores of prakritihi and atma swarupas. This one has also with the existence of different entities - prakrithi and purusha.

Knowing One’s Self :

Knowing yourself is the process, that should be in two ways those are physical and meta physical (Adhyatmika). By coordinating these two only, one can knows one’s self.

For those, who are trying and who will try to attain this, here are some evidences to make their effort simple and straight.

Translated from Telugu to English

Monday, March 23, 2015


-Prof.M.RaviKumar, Dept.ofTelugu,S.V.University, Tirupati, AndhraPradesh,India.

We can’t imagine a new construction without a destruction and a good future without reviewing the past.

Any new issue – that may be either an experience or a feel, as a theory that may relate too to the life or creation. When it touches us there should be same treblengs. This same has been happening for thousands of years.The same thing that has been happening.

The time between these trembling may be a second or an era. I can’t say the exact time between them, but ‘This one’ is a trembling.

I am not saying ‘this one’ as a book, an essay, a theory, an out cry or a crazy imagination. This one is not included in such of any category.

Here there are Dharma, Truth, Time Prakrithi, Purusha, Person, Man, Family, Atom, Molecule, Power, Labour, Earth, Eswara, Christ, Allah and so many. These real forms, natures colours, tastes and smells may exist like that.

This one is not understood by reading with the eyes. By using vision of experience of life only – we can reach it to some extent.

After the completion of this process we may have relax or perplex – feel a high degree of hungry or a lack of hungry – a sound sleep or the nights with out sleep – may keep wife / husband in a distance or hug him/her at a sudden surprise – may kiss – erase all the boundaries watching our bare bodies in a mirror and kiss our selves like the Greek mythological hero, Narcissus (NARACISSUS) break the mirror with a rage of hate on ourselves – If we don’t identity same properties and realities, there will be the eruption of our heads without hitting to the floor by viewing the scene of future. And some more else may happen or may not happen any of these – why Iam saying all these because it is not the fault this book, whether all of those said forth by me may happen or may not happen.The reason for this is the ideology, which has been driving and commanding as the force for thousands of years and that has sinked and included in our blood.

What is the difference between the man and the person? what is the difference between the God and devil ? Is there contradiction between Marx and Marxists ? who are male and female? Those who are as the half of us and sharing the half of our life are really our husbands and wives? Why the lives are taking a wrong way? Why are the families collapsing? For what cause illegal relations are existing? Why are the murders and rapes occurring? What are the forces behind them? Who are the criminals among them? The persons who gave birth to you and came out in to this world along with you from the same mother womb are really your family members? The persons who born to us are our own Children? These like questions may fall in the type of serious which make you feel terrible or the type of nonsense. To concentrate on these questions there should be much powerto our body and mind. More and more bravery is also needed. Much to them there should be the enthusiasm to know yourself, and about the God, Dharma, Praksithi and especially the reality of ‘The future’.

The persons who are ready to do all these, open this book think about the disturbing issues if they are. Share them to anyone without fear. If there are no disturbing issues in this book put this one in to another one’s vision. If they feel the same experience tell them to burn this book. What ever you do in all the above, that will be the better one.

Translated from English to Telugu


HUMONOLOGY is the study which differentiate the men and persons, and tells the solutions to all human problems through "MADE FOR EACH OTHER" concept.