Thursday, December 17, 2015



  Let us leave aside the idiots who say this universe is originated in a mechanical way. Dont you believe that it is the work of God and the unknown Super Power?

        But that is Untruth

      The Truth is

           Human is the creator of this Universe.

           Human is the center of this Universe.

        For Human only all these Universes existed.

         All this universe is the playing toy for the Human.

           This is only the truth.

 Man is n't mere  a lump of meat expressed in kilograms. Human is the form of Atma and Nature who pervaded through all the Universes . Offspring of the God.

            For all the personalities God is the only base.

           We should have the strong desire to reach  our own personality, own home, and own family.

                We should leave the vision of trust and mistrust and should open the eyes of Dharma to know that we are in the lap of the God.

The future is only meant for the people who decided to leave according to the Dharmam.

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