Monday, November 30, 2015


                       We  know the fact that so many wars were  happened for the cause of woman. What is there specially in a  particular woman, but not in Another ?  Beauty like simple answer is  not apt here. So what is the reason for it?

                    If we limit our quest to the visible facts we never know the complete truth. We know each Female has the specific Personality. The war for the Female,  who is the base and the form of Nature for a particular Holy Family  means, it gives us the details to understand the truth behind it. That particular Female is not an ordinary Female.  She is the  form of the Super Power. The Person who does the war for Her is not doing it for Her, but for the Super Power. By getting hold of Her,  He controls Her entire Family.

                             Through getting marriage to a Female, we often here the sayings , that the Family or the Village became well or destroyed. In the same way we here the sayings also," due to the birth of the Boy or Girl that Family got fortune".

Saturday, November 28, 2015



                          What is the Fate of the Female, who is  the form of the Nature, of the renounced Person ? If the Male renounced, Who has to fulfill Her needs, how can Her needs be satisfied? To solve this problem She becomes the second wife to the another Female's Male or She owns Him at any cost, like deeds started. As a result new agreements, conflicts, violence like harms have started.

               Some how the Female, who reached the another's Male  gets the availability of the extra Power and Strength . In this way the monk is with the extra Power and Strength.

                  Let us see  how the Power and Strength is  delivered  by mating of the Male and Female in two small examples. This can be helped to the readers to think in a new way.

                        After marriage, the persons who have mated, get the changes in their bodies. That may be little in some persons and some may get it in high levels. Often we hear the expressions like, "you have changed a lot after your marriage". When the two materials get mixed, it is natural that they get some newness. Hence all these changes are common in our experiences, like the weaker getting the extra strength and the stronger  losing their strength.

                     But the society is in a position not to like to agree the causes of these changes. Or the facts are in  a hidden condition.


                 In the wake of new situations, a conflict starts with in the Person, Family and Unit. If the Person is available this conflict can be happen externally. If he is not available and escape from it to the far off distances this conflict can be happen internally.

                Callous one is stronger than the king Proverb is originated from these fellows. The family members conciliate with him, and even left him to avoid the conflict.

                  Why  they do so because, they have to do labor for their life. Rearing the family, protection like duties are there to be done. So these weaknesses are the strength of the person who want to become a monk.

                Now the monk mount up to a step. Through a truce with his Unit,  not to make any trouble to it for his Physical, Mental, and Soul related needs,   he takes it in to his control . Then the Soul of the monk starts a new construction with out having any rest. It engages all its time for the new knowledge which is needed for it

                In this journey, a monk needs more and more extra energy and strength. That will also be fulfilled . Let us see how it will be happen.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


                     We should know the brutality behind the blatant practice of a person to renounce. In this process a person, who is inseparable from the Family and a Unit does reduce his sleep,  food in taking  and starts the blatant practice.

                  In this practice a person has to control bodily feelings like hunger, rest, lust, sleep and mind related thoughts. More and more important one is not to  be susceptible to the attraction of his Second part ( that may be a Male or a Female).

               If a person doesn't take his food, that burden of deficiency at first fall on his own Female. As a sequence she has to take extra food to fill this deficiency. Later this  deficiency is also filled by the remaining four Members of the Unit.

                     A person starts practice without having enough sleep. The power and strength  to do that activity is supplied  continuously through his Unit. In this process along with his own Female the other Unit members also feel the deranged sleep and after waking up from it they feel the tiresome as they worked out the all night.  

Monday, November 23, 2015



                      Truth has been arrested  and the actual equality between Male and Female has also been buried in the grave. As per character, though it is a Female dominated society, the Female,  who is being exploited and oppressed by the Male also participating in this competition of  illusion.  Some Female persons are also came forward to be worshiped like as the Goddesses.

              All types of renunciations and the systems of Ashrama are the ways and isms to escape only. Renunciation is not a solution to any type of problem.

                There is nothing to say about the people who do go to this monks and do pray to get some thing from them.

                          The base for the crazy, perversive actions like getting worshiped by the Female, by saying  that the husband is the direct God to Her,  is the  cunning craft of the escaping  system of renunciation.

                        The bond has been started by changing the organs, places, and things through the actions like stealing and  confiscating. By the newly produced Power and Capabilities ( like Black matter, Anti matter, White matter)  from  these ways, new systems  has evolved as alternatives to the Holy Family System. All these are the forms of the new system them selves.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


                 There is a wrong concept which is deeply rooted among the people, that is the Nature is the commodity for the man to enjoy.

                  The monks are living in the illusion with the  whimsical speculations to get the state of not having a physical body, which is eventually denying the Nature, and to escape from the frame of Birth and Death to attain a state of Eternity. As a result, their physical  vision got obfuscated to recognize the deformated results of their desires. These short sighted fellows are being proud and saying the punch dialogues  in a serious tone like AHAM BRHMASMI, AYAMATMA BRHMA,and I AM THE GOD.

                         Daivatma reflexes even to its some what extent in the Atmas who got caught in bonds also. If we hug the person who smear the scent over   their body, that scent smell also adheres us. The person has forgotten that he has the certain  personality and  he is the the being in the form of Atma. All it  has happened for so many years ago.   That the reflected  God material like the scent in him has caused an illusion in him/her to feel him/her as the God . This is the highest illusion among the monks.

            Later this illusion has spread over in to the persons who are in the house hold works also. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


                 Through the Renunciation, some illusions came in to dissemination. Some of those are :

1. Knowing the God and become  Oneness in to the God.

2. Attaining Moksha from the bond of this Universe.

3. Developing from the Human to  the Divine.

4. Renunciate every thing and  be beyond to the physical affection and hatred to reach the state of Eternal Bliss.

5. For the prosperity of the  Universe.

                    All these are some of the answers to the question, why you are renouncing, which are  in the dissemination.

            But the truth is - the hermits are using the Power, though they are not being caught in the physical bond through the Female. They have been expanding in to the Universe by enhancing the  strength of the  Atma extensively, and creating the world which is absolutely under their control.  As the  result  the Nature is becoming severe destruction and getting deterioration.

                        One of the old China Proverbs is exactly suitable to the system of renunciation.

                 That is - Root is void, Stem is weak, Leaf is dense.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


When the Strength and Power are in equal state, then only  there would be balance. In the process of  escaping from the bonds, the Male- not to be caught in them, and from the Male,  who are in the bonds,  the flow of high power is passing in a mechanical way. In this process, the characters of the Female reached to a dominant position in the society.

Now the Male has became inefficient to understand the special characters of himself .  He has fallen in to the position to say, that the duties  of  birds and fish like animals, i.e . giving birth, rearing, and protecting  are equal  to the Male characters.

The Male are living in the illusion that this society is the Male dominated one. Actually it is opposite to  it. It is the Nature, Female dominant society. In the life which follows the Dharmam, there is no scope to any type of  dominance. There is only the coherence of Male and Female. For the material of Dominance, Adharmam is the Food and Shelter. 

Monday, November 16, 2015


                      To escape from the fruits of the bond, exploitation, oppression, desires, agony, ill health and so on,  the person has invented  a weapon - that is Sanyasam (Renunciation).

                              To escape from the physical bond, which has came into existence through the mating of another Male and Female, and the need to save the Existences to their extent caused the creation of Sanyasam. In this system of Renunciation, at first there were only the Male but later the Female also joined with them. In the back ground of this system, an evil has developed - that is the sharing of life with so many, through the sex in the life time of a person and developing the wrong Personality.

                              In the process of Sharing and Developing, the characters of Male, like Sense and Discrimination began to ruin. In the same way Love, Affection, Intelligence, and Memory like characters are also began to ruin. Why all this happened ? Why because, the persons have   became  uncontrollable due to the availability of enormous  Power which is above to their Capability and the enormous Capability which is above to their Power, vice versa. This is also a result of polluted Personalities and  The bonds.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


                By the bond only,  a person  losses his own personality and owns another personality. The conglomeration of different personalities cause to start conflict in a person. Due to this mental stress and conflict a person  feels  a fierce brawl to do what he wants. Why is it happening? Why because man has started to do the actions what he desires  by avoiding to do the actions with his own power and capabilities. One's desire is always stands against to other's desire. Then a person feels  an internal brawl (  mental, physical, and natural )  to fulfill his desires. This can lead to external conflicts and wars.

                     This situation has came  due to the loss of own personality and filling  that vacuum with other materiel. If  a person called  X,  desires to fill his loss from Y or A,  and  then they wouldn't co operate with X,  - this situation leads to generate a thought in X to steal it or attack on them with his extra power and capabilities what he gets from the bond. In generally no one wouldn't do any business which falls in to loss.

                            All ailments what we are seeing in our society are systematized through the bond it self. That is the cause that all these ailments have the support from the people openly or secretly. The innocent intelligent people often feel confusion on this matter, why the some people do support to the heinous actions. As they don't know the real form of bond they feel like this. No one knows the number of loser and gainers through bonding.  At some times it might be in  crores.

                               Devoid of any thing from me what I deserves  and adding any thing to me what is not belong to me,  becomes the bond. The bond can only do the loss or gain to a person .

The Bond is the cause for Desires.
The Desires are the base for the Disasters.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


             The personalities who entered in to the bond,  enter in to the deep world of darkness. All bonds come in to existence through male and female "sexual relations". All these bonds have developed in to so many types. This  process has reached to its peak extremity which can do destroy even  the creators of these bonds.

                   To its ultimate level, even the forms of bonds are also propagated as some Divinity, Truth and the Dharmam. One must recognize all these are the forms of Adharmam and Satan.

                        Expecting the Purity, Ethical Values, Honesty, Peace, Pleasure, and Bliss  in bonding is  equal to expecting the un-corrupted administration from the politician who purchase the voters for his winning.

               Ill health came in to existence when the bond has started.

                           Bond- Doctor- Ill health are the triplets of the same parturition. With out the annihilation of the bond, the ill health couldn't be rooted out. Doctor is the henchman of the exploitation  process.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


                            Without the Doctor and Engineer, the bond couldn't be possible.  From the comprehensive form of the person, a doctor can do remove the tools of the person ( they may be the person's bones, or things or any thing), with the consent or with out the consent, secretly, and he prepares the the person for bonding. The engineer who constructs the bonding. This process can be possible through any type of things of the person.

                     In this way the bond has started with the three person's components. This has shaped with the polluted personalities only. This has been continuing. This is the malignant action which is completely opposite to the Dharmam. The bond is the creation of the Adharmam.

                  In  Mathematics the so called Triangle is the first form of the bond. This is in the existence of the well known enchantment - OM + NAMAH + SIVAYAH

                                               This "Enchantment" is the polluted form of the bond of the three personalities. Enchantment is the password to get in to the System.  We have so many enchantments like this, who came into existence through the persons bondings. These bondings are the Metaphysical banks of the  Black money. They are the abodes of exploitation. These bondings are the causes for the Black holes of the physical world. As we know  at least a little about the Black holes,  it is immaterial to go in to details. But one thing to emphasis is that  the relations  between  the human bondings and the form and nature of the Black holes. It should be known to us. Through Black matter, the creators of the Black holes are in the illusion that the entire world is unaware of what they are doing.

By the persons who are in  the form of Atma with Electron and Proton natures, Black matter is created. There are so many Substances like this. Anti matter, White matter are some of these. What is going on and what happened  in the Black holes like places are the important questions to be known. But those records of them are also safely preserved like the happenings of on the Earth.