Sunday, May 29, 2016


                              As the anti philosophy to all philosophies and anti system to all systems, this text has been written by Vijaya Bhaskar and Hari.   They poured their total strength and zeal in to this,  to regain the original status of Human being, what He/She has lost in the process of the so called “development”. In that sense also they stood against to  all types of development models.

I have known Vijaya Bhaskar for so many years as my  comrade and as the man of purity at his three levels, who has the unity in speech, intellect and mind. He is the rare one  among our generations. I got introduced with Hari through him. Their  aim is change. Change is the most attracting subject of our times and we are ready to do any thing for it.  As the change  has the super demand in our markets, we are always  be in the queues of different shopping malls. This type of salable change is against to their understanding.

                            The last end of the previous millennium posed so many  questions before us. In the pursuit to answer them, we have understood the  original personality of the people who were admired by us are nothing but the part and parcels of the existing authority and atrocity. To digest this reality to its utmost level  Vijaya Bhaskar and Hari  did a rigorous search in to this existing system and its so called alternatives.  They  found the roots of the system. To our shocking they discovered that all the so called alternatives are also have nothing  difference from our day to day common life. They  made them clear, as the different strings of a single rope.   Thus they developed their criticism against the system.

                             Their  understanding is simple and  comprehensive. They are revealing to us the invisible things  what are there behind to our visibility. They are proposing metaphysics to understand the physics. In that way they are establishing a dialectical relation between them. They are calling the religion and the so called development are the products of  capitalism. They are proposing the MAN  as the totality of a male, a female, their surrounding environment, and the power of God which lead them to forward. This is the comprehensive view of them to understand the MAN.

According to them, the history  of  human is nothing but his/her  loss in to so many pieces. In that way they are criticizing the history of ours also. The real history of human is to be started.  But what about all these, what have been  going on for so many millenniums?  They call  it as the record of human’s agony, despair and bondage.  This record  is preserved in the heart of our natures to get a suitable revenge or to give a proper judgement .

                         They got  the statistics of all these things  that are related to inhumanity. The central point to their understanding is Pollution. In their view Pollution is nothing but the separation from their originality. That means separation of a male from his female and vise versa.

                             To my understanding there is no one before to them as like them  to treat the man in this comprehensive way. To make it easy they used a different  phraseology to common understanding. They used BOND, TRUST, SACRIFICE in  the negative way to our understanding and usage. Thus they unravel the  ideology of exploitation. Exploitation is the common thing among the masses. There is no scope to any one to  remain pure in this system. Each and every one has been caught in bonds. To get rid of  this bondage one should have the strong will  not to be part in this system. Then the God will lead them beyond the bondage. As per their saying the system has in  its fringes. Exploitation has reached to its utmost level even it is unbearable to its own existence. So there must be a change.

                   At some times, their philosophy seems to fit for magical realism literature as it is beyond to the normal perceiving.  But its urge is purely against the system. It  has the relevance to think over  in the present context as the people are getting displacement from their native places and getting alienation from them. This universal problem  which has pervaded all over our lives stood as the back drop to their sayings.

We may agree or dis agree with them but the problems what they are showing from our life are the real threats to the humanity.