Tuesday, December 22, 2015


                     Each man has an unique person code. It is depended on the God. Along with character  there are Person code (E)  and Human code (E).

                       Human code is depended on the God. For the complete form of personality,  the Female- Male bodies are two keys of a secret lock of Single Personality. The pure couple's physical mating only gives the way to open the own house doors. Till then the persons live in the artificial weak houses of cards of another. It is the base for every one's dream for own house.

 The secret of creation is  revealed only through pure couple's mating. Through this only,  persons could enter in to the own house, own life, own wealth and own family. Even the own family also has its Unique Code.

                                    How to identify all these?

             The base of the Earth and Natures is the Natures Kingdom.

                                    The Birth cause of the Male who is the form of Atma, and the Female, the form of Nature is the same. Make to develop, blossom, extend and enjoy its Nature by Atma  is the only cause for the Human birth. To give the power  to its Male and develop and enjoy  is the only cause for the birth of Female.

                   This is the root cause for the Birth.

                              "I shall live with the Truth in accordance with Dharam"

                                                     This determination

                                    Is the tool to get liberate from the Bond.

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