Saturday, October 31, 2015


                                        Due to the polluted human relations, new products has came in to existence - one among them is Sanyasam. While enjoying The Newness of polluted human relations, The Old has entered in to the destruction. While The Old is being extincted, and The New is in developing , as like The Old one man got the desire to make The New as the eternal. This desire has caused The Bond.

                   The Bond  binds the two or more materials to another material. At the beginning the mating of the Proton and Electron natured Persons produced the black matter and in turn that generated The Bond.  This bond is created primarily by Two.  One is the doctor and the other is engineer. at the beginning they are recognized as conjurers.

Friday, October 30, 2015


                    There are the type of people who always do engage in searching for what they have lost and there are another type- they search for the people who have the sound balance sheet  to expand and develop their companies . Palmistry is one of the ways in this searching. All these efforts  are meant for searching the people who are strong enough and powerful.

                     There is no alternative to the Suitable. It always be the Only One. Other than to this Only One, there are crores of alternatives. These are owned through auction, conflict, and even war also. Hence the Own Material is different to Owned Material.

                  Own Material is never gets separated but the owned material  can  be separated  from us at any time. This is its character.

                       Doing rape the female is not mere the action done by the male to satisfy his lust, it is to exploit the power of female and to take them under their control. Usually  the persons who does rapes are the only vehicles. The persons who use them secretly are always be invisible and exercise extra power to do this action through the vehicles. The so called Gods who always get the worships and prayers are in the first row to do use This Way

Wednesday, October 28, 2015



                            Let it be aside the result of the tomorrow of the development which has taken place through the hundred crores of years. Now a days, as the person, human is in a quest with getting  so many feelings,  doing violence and being tortured, he is searching with annoyance.  But he didn't get the happiness, satisfaction, peace and prosperity in his own life, though he searched a lot, experienced a lot, earned a lot, and at last he did renunciation and became a monk for them.

                The happiness,  satisfaction, peace, and prosperity become more  distant  to the person  as much as he distant to his own life.

          Each and every male does search for every female body without  age bar , because he has to mate with the Form of Power( Sakti  Swarupini), who gives him the satisfaction, love, peace and at the same time she is the only one to save his Personality. But in these polluted bondings any male cant do recognize his own female clearly, and straightly.

           This is the cause for the male's lustful sight towards the female. Female is also does the same thing in her own style and she also searches for her own male and await for him. With out knowing this Truth the male and the female both are getting frustrated from their beloved or married or desired mates as they don't have the real love, peace and satisfaction from the others. Through  this dissatisfaction they have been hating, hurting each other and they don't hesitate even to kill the other.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


                         In the process of changing the Dharmam in to Adharmam,  the first cause for it is the adultery and the second one is the alienation of the personality of Dharmam.

                     The person has left his/her second Form and Essence and has been continuing his/her life with the other person by covering him/her in the name of Dharmam. And this has became the Dharmam of the person, freedom of the person.

When the person's personality has been concealed and became alienated, then all this process has been glorified with the name of Person's Dharmam and actually all this was nothing but the development of Adharmam, which has been continueing on.

This type of Aadharmam has been continuing on in so many names like Dharmam of person, Dharmam of profession, Dharmam of society, Dharmam of caste and religion, Dharmam of ashrama, Dharmam of sanyasa, Dharamam of gruhastu, Dharmam of priest, Dharmam of mother , father and son, Dharmam of varna and so on.

Just observe this process, how the Dharmam became the suffix to the person's freedom( sweccha = swa+iccha). All this process is nothing but the changing of Dharmam  in to Adharmam.

The person who says that he is just  doing his/her work according to the guidance of his/ her personality, is the person who became the victim of polluted bondings and he is the living expression of such type of Dharmam. So he/she can easily says, by leaving the Duty what he/ she actually  has to do,   I am doing my Dharmam  or   I am doing  my professional Dharmam. 

By The relations of the person which make  the Own Personality to disappear,  the Dharmam has became the rived cloth which has lost its existence. As a result, the  Adharmam became the common accepted form of Dharmam.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


                           Living according to the Dharmam means living a person through his Personality and living with the development and enlightenment  of  Prakruthi+Purusha. A person can live according to Dharmam when there is no interference of other persons.

          If a person steals other person's any materiel of the property and keeps it in his/her control, that means the first person has kept under control of the second person's Personality.

                                      i.e: Suppose there is an Atma swarupa with the Personality, Dharmam and his pen or even  his hair is stolen by another Atma swarupa with the Personality Krodham (anger). Then, that means the Krodha swarupa has possessed the materiel of Dharmam, and the power and capability of Dharmam are completely under his control. In this example Dharmam hasn't lost only his pen, he has lost his power and capabilities.  This was the beginning point in the society to misappropriate unrestrainingly the extra power and capabilities which have got through  the stealth materiel.

Monday, October 19, 2015



          Mating with other persons, and the issues related to Personality got impounded by other persons had caused the Pollution and it had been developed day by day.

The Pollution which came in to existence because of mutual understanding, had  later changed in to the process of  "Bonding". By concealing the any issue of a person, or impounding and taking under control of a  a person's power and capabilities with out having any permission from him/her came in to existence, and this art of theft had developed to its higher stage.

Temple, Mosque, Church like commercial complexes had constructed with this Art of Theft.

Making bond is the oxygen to the Adharmam.

The declination of Dharmam/ development of Adharmam are caused by Bonding. And it has been going on.

In this process the Dharmam which has to lead the Personalities in the right path has got degradation in its power and capability and ultimately it  has alienated. Hence the Dharmam has came nearer to loss of its existence. To understand this point please observe these two sentences.

A person living according to Dharmam

A person practicing the Dharmam of his/her own.

Sunday, October 18, 2015



                           If a person questions to him/herself and try to explore him/herself, He can know that he is the form of the Atma and She can know that she is the form of the Prakruthi, in particularly if it is Atma, the specialty of that Atma and if it is Prakruthi the specialty of that Prakruthi-  are completely known to  them. In this way the Time should help to know the comprehensive Truth of him/herself and lead his/ her life according to the Satya and live as per Dharma.

                Due to the pollution of Dharma and fading away of Satya,  Adharma and Asatya became glorious and they occupied the complete sky. The time which is the base for these two also divided in to the names like Good time and Bad time and it alienated in to different types.

                                 The deeds of the persons and the issue of  how these deeds are achieved, are completely dependent on the basis- how much time does they have in their hands. The Jyothisya which is bearing the name as superstition, Vastu and the Muhurthas related to marriages, constructions and even for the experiments of space are completely dependent on Time. Lenin intellectually called the October revolution of 1917 as the Muhurtham for Revolution. This shows us that even for the  so called communists also, there is a need for the Time and that should act in favour of their necessities . The substance of Time became different to each region and each type of theory because the Personalities of  Kala Purusha and Kala Prakruthi were became alienated,  they were impounded by different organisations at different places. This caused the privation to Kala Purusha and Kala Purusha. Now the time is not favour to them.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


                                     This pollution has spread out from the Duality to Plurality, and it reached the stage to destroy the roots of the Personality.

                  Dharma is the blossoming and developing  of the male and female who born for one another, and they live to their extent with out adhering to any sewage.

                                    Dharma is is the substance which makes to blossom in this way. If the true(Satya) substances( basic substances)- which are the base for the Personality,  develop in the same time in  the personality's all in all existences - then, it is called the life which follows the Dharma.

Satya (truth)- Dharma- Kala(time),  these three are the substances of a single Unit. With out one the other two couldn't exist. The One's state and destiny is depended up on the other  Two.

Satya- Dharma are the two sides of the coin, Kala (time). If a person lives according to the Dharma, that means,  he/she can automatically knows the Satya.  Love, Bliss, Health, the Manah (manassu), which doesn't have the Duality- all these good qualities fragrance in that Person .

Friday, October 16, 2015


                           Suppose if a person called X+1 works for 8hours and takes rest for 8 hours and sleeps for 8 hours. If  the same person mates with XY-1 and gets polluted and thus he gets availability of extra power and capability. As the result we suppose, the person X+1 can do the work for extra one hour or two hour. And the person Y+1 gets the deficiency incapability to do the work or gets deficiency in rest or sleeping time. In this process, the person Y+1 gets the incapability to do the daily work. In this way the process of losing or gaining of energy  had emerged. This process had started at the beginning with a consensus or an agreement and now they have grown  impossible to be rejected or prevented.

                                    The well known exploitation, persecution of rich from poor has the roots in Polluted Personality. The persons X and Y, by mating with their partners, they had  lost their existences and personalities and they reached the new state of  BEING DEJECTED .

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


                                In the own life, a person lives with his own power and capabilities. So there is a clarity of his labor and its result to him. He is absolutely responsible to his Karma. The co ordination with his family members and other family members is simple and clear and  those relations don't obstruct  the person's enlightenment and development.

                           But in the "Bonding ," the responsibility of the person becomes a confusion and there is a chaos to know who is responsible to a particular action and a particular result. So in our present society, as it is impossible to know the root causes of the on going violence and natural calamities, we go to explore alternatives.

                      Each and every alternative in turn becomes a beginning point for the risk of new problems. Earth quakes, cyclones, famines, excess of rain- like natural calamities are generally confined to a particular area.

                         Why such particular area becomes the abode to them?   Why because that place is the base for a particular Nature's family. The different opinions of  the particular Nature's family with other Nature's families or with in the family, the  relations become rigorous and they lead to conflicts and then there will be natural calamities.

                           For example if a particular place changes in to a desert that means the family which resides there, is completely exploited.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Due to the unknownness of the problem, and as we haven't done any to know it, the person has been searching for the solution in wrong ways. By doing that he was caught in the wrong ways and in the midst of accumulated wrong knowledge. These consequences made him to sink in to the complexity which is very difficult , whether the whole human being would rise to do solve it. 

Why it has done?   It has been done by the deterioration of The Dharma, being polluted of Personality, alienation, being exploited, and do exploitation.

The mating of the  Male and Female (Goddess of  Dharma+ The Soul of Dharma)   -who has the Personality of Dharma, with the male and female who has the -Other- Personality caused the Pollution. This was the beginning to it. Alienation, exploitation, inequality  started from then. To get a novelty or with malice some one has done this. But the result has been alienation, exploitation and oppression.

The entire Universe is nothing but the body of The  Two Existences of the God. Dharma is the heart to that body. The duty of the Dharma is to lead the Personalities in a correct way.

Thursday, October 8, 2015



                                          To explain about the universe which has two un-separable existences is immaterial here. So this basic information is enough to explore the root causes of human problems.

                                Now we look in to the problems. As we know all of them, it is no need to explain the names of the problems in detail. They may be health problems, mental stress, family problems, social, caste, religious and economical problems. For a single problem there are various types of solutions in our common acceptance. Though there are so many solutions, the problems of the person is growing in number day by day.

                      Here, one should know an important point- that there is only one solution for a problem, not so many.

              But at present there are lakhs of explanations and crores of solutions for the person's problems.

                                Some persons say by repeating the prayers of the names of Vishnu or Jesus or Allah, we can  get rid of the problems. In the same way some say practicing the Ashrama Dharma make the persons immune to the problems. Enchantment, Horoscope, Dhyana, Yoga, learning knowledge education, following the right way of life, taking good medicines- all these are some of the names and ways what we are following in our daily life.

                                   Some other think, it is the only solution to all the problems, that is - changing the structural form and nature of the society. Some feel Rama Rajya is the asylum, and some stress on the Sanatana Dharma. Some people suppose the physical life is the degrade one and it is the abode of sin. Some propagate for Heaven, rebirthlessness, The Kingdom of God and so on. And there are so many theories for casteless and religionless society. The propagators of these say, that  the equal society(communism) is the solution to all. By all these, person is in confusion to understand the roots of the problem. There is the chaos among us about what is the correct way, who is the correct leader or Guru, or God. There are so many people who do prayers for their problems in different types of places like Temples, Mosques, Churches and so on.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Freedom, rights like slogans, movements, struggles, theories are the expressive forms of Adharma. All these are conspiracies and artifices of Adharma.
The existences of body and being of body both have these statuses and courses -that means the existences of Physical and Meta physical.

There is the common opinion that  physical world and metaphysical worlds are different to each other and extraordinary to each other. But that is false. Atma, Power, GOD all of these are parts of a single body. Other than to these there are no other existences, forms and characters.

All the universes  which are visible to the eyes and the universes which are visible to the metaphysical eyes have the common base that is the single Personality- THE GOD . It has also two forms and two existences. The Prakruti and Purusha( Atma+Sakti ; Male+ Female ) which have the personality of GOD divide in to two, God and Goddess and exist at two places. They have also the Physical and Metaphysical bodies. They have also  the death and birth.

Thursday, October 1, 2015



                                                                 The family, it is the important one which controls the person's actions, likes and dislikes, emotions, the state and the course of malevolence, health, ill health - all of these  are controlled through person’s family. The  actions like casting the vote is also the one  which is controlled by the family. From the beggars who do beggary on the streets, the persons in rags and appearing  like lunatics, the Aghoras, who do penance in the Himalayas by renunciating their parents, and to the extremists - each and every one exists for their family purpose.

                          There is non other than to this. The so called independent actions- what the persons support them in that name -are not actually their own and with free choice. They do them just to obey the commands of their family heads, and they are completely under their control. This one is the truth which to be  exposed.

                                 Don't having the control or having the control on one's self -This is the problem often we face.  From the movements of the eyelids , way of walking, speech and to thought, ultimately how to live and death like all the person's  actions can't be  under their control . All of them are under another one's control who is unknown to them. Now their condition is nothing but the machine controlled by some one. Hence they are not able to understand and  there no situation to understand the meaning of the words freedom and control.

                      The intensity of the power which is generated from the bonding of unknown past is the cause for this incidents.

                                    Hence it is meaningless to be anguished for the freedom with out trying  to come out from the hold of unknown control.