Saturday, March 28, 2015


                                            All the institutes and religions are concerning Dharma as the commodity, that is being sold in the super market. Hence the many are saying easily  this is Hindu dharma, that is Islam dharma, Vrutti dharma (dharma of proffession) Dharma of Mother, Dharma of Father, Our Dharma, Your Dharma  and so on.

                   Dharma is not the commodity in a fair. It is not the one which is advertised with crores of rupees. And has not been advertised.

                Dharma is the way of life to be practised by persons, groups, and who got notority as the  Angels, the Demons, the Satans, but not the wagging tail behind the persons, or behind the religions, or behind the monks when they wag.

                   It is  the "Personality" which makes to know the truth in a simple way and   makes the persons to live in the bliss  .

                           Don't live by "Self deceiving" in the view that I have been living furtively the Dharma. Dhrma is wathing all this.  Be beware even hence forth.  

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