Tuesday, December 22, 2015


                     Each man has an unique person code. It is depended on the God. Along with character  there are Person code (E)  and Human code (E).

                       Human code is depended on the God. For the complete form of personality,  the Female- Male bodies are two keys of a secret lock of Single Personality. The pure couple's physical mating only gives the way to open the own house doors. Till then the persons live in the artificial weak houses of cards of another. It is the base for every one's dream for own house.

 The secret of creation is  revealed only through pure couple's mating. Through this only,  persons could enter in to the own house, own life, own wealth and own family. Even the own family also has its Unique Code.

                                    How to identify all these?

             The base of the Earth and Natures is the Natures Kingdom.

                                    The Birth cause of the Male who is the form of Atma, and the Female, the form of Nature is the same. Make to develop, blossom, extend and enjoy its Nature by Atma  is the only cause for the Human birth. To give the power  to its Male and develop and enjoy  is the only cause for the birth of Female.

                   This is the root cause for the Birth.

                              "I shall live with the Truth in accordance with Dharam"

                                                     This determination

                                    Is the tool to get liberate from the Bond.

Friday, December 18, 2015




                                   The time is also in a difficult time. In the hands of Kalnagu, Kal bhairava and Kala yama it became into pieces and lost its existence. There is no any being in the creation which doesn't know the God and Knowledge. Just think with a discrimination. Today you have Two types of Knowledge. One is the wrong  knowledge, meant for making your personality into pieces. This has resulted from the Bond. The other is the right knowledge meant for blossoming your personality. No one can teach it to you.  Why because the taught one is always be the wrong knowledge. The right one is always in you. That one is dug up to use only  by you . To dig up that knowledge you should n't take any help outer from you.

                            Why because, each person's own knowledge, memory  and all of them are stored in that Person's Nature roots.

                      From that roots of the Nature, its Male only knows that secrets. It is impossible to others.

                     As the Human reached to a miserable condition, left his  own life,  unable to know  own knowledge, now the Human has been begging for the minimum  knowledge to get on his daily life for years  and is being examined at every door of it.   The system which is developed on the basis of Adharmam divide the people as the beggars and  the donors.

Thursday, December 17, 2015



  Let us leave aside the idiots who say this universe is originated in a mechanical way. Dont you believe that it is the work of God and the unknown Super Power?

        But that is Untruth

      The Truth is

           Human is the creator of this Universe.

           Human is the center of this Universe.

        For Human only all these Universes existed.

         All this universe is the playing toy for the Human.

           This is only the truth.

 Man is n't mere  a lump of meat expressed in kilograms. Human is the form of Atma and Nature who pervaded through all the Universes . Offspring of the God.

            For all the personalities God is the only base.

           We should have the strong desire to reach  our own personality, own home, and own family.

                We should leave the vision of trust and mistrust and should open the eyes of Dharma to know that we are in the lap of the God.

The future is only meant for the people who decided to leave according to the Dharmam.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


             Blossoming our self with  love, bliss and peace which are hidden in us, with our power and capabilities creating prosperity and enjoying ourselves makes the God (God and Goddess) who is the base for this creation, feel happy.

                     It is painful to see the following after the worthless Gurus,Gods  like  beggars by us  though we have the enormous peace and bliss in us in this most spacious universe  is really  painful to the God.

               God is the source to supply the sufficient power - capability and means to the Human to create the entire Universes.

                  He is such an innocent who don't know the meaning of prayers, food presented to him, devotion,anointing like chief tricks. He doesn't desire it and receive it.

                 God( God+ Goddess) is the most patient to the human errors though the human is doing so many blunders by following Untruth and Adharma.

                                  He is n't the corrupted one to receive your offerings.

Do you know who create this wast Universe?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015



 In the pursuit of building this universe we  traveled so much distance, and forgot  our  own family, own home, own existence and own personality and became such type of  personality.

Today the scientists got the identity of God cell in the Atom which is invisible to the naked eye. In the same way for the human who is the embodiment of millions of Atoms does not have the God for himself ? Doesn't you  have the God as the base for your Atma and Nature forms ? Don't you know this fact ?

Forgetting the past is the specialty of your own alienated  personality. This forgettingness is the source for the newly born deceivers. These are the preachers of God, religions, Gurus, Babas, preachers of science and etc. Our bad qualities like selflessness, sacrificing, trust, mistrust are the steps to go high for these fellows.


SELFISHNESS ( swartham = swa+ artham ) means knowing thy self, reaching to yourself, uplifting yourself.

Monday, December 14, 2015



                       Ultimately the Female is being exploited in this exploitation process. the Atmas are exploiting the Natutes.

                         Rationalists, atheists and the persons who bare the name of science- there are so many types of groups people.

                      Modernity and science are the covers for them. The loopholes of the previous systems are the food for them. Science is their vision. That means scientific perspective. These are the most superstitious people than the people who strongly believe that their God is the only true God.

                      Here science and  God are the different names. But the belief is common. In the present time the people who preach the science  have the skill to make people fear in the name of science.

             If there are any Atmas and Natures not fished by these religious systems, there is the ultimate power to catch them, that is the Medicine. It is the chief commander of all the religious systems. Capitalism is the beloved child of religion.

                         In the web of all these systems and their sayings- who emphasize them selves as the true, we have got the opinion  that it is only for the super human beings knowledge to divide which is truth and which is not.

                             But there is a famous story of a fly which forgets its OWN NAME.  

Friday, December 11, 2015


                     Along with these, there are the persons who deny the existence of Atma and  Nature and they say that the present man is the result of mechanical dynamics of the Matter.  In this category the communists who claim themselves as the followers of Karl Marx are in first row. Why because they built the new systems on this theory so they propagate the past of the man is mechanical. They apply - the unity of opposite forces and conflict to get  development - theory to the past and present.   As Marx  did not clarify the personal relations,  how they should be exactly, the followers of so called Marx conveniently used this situation and they agreed  and followed the bond systems which were established  previously . Marx himself formulated a great theory on Male - Female relations. He stated that  a New System should be built in order to reach a Female her own Male without any obstacles.

                         But Marxists neglected this  fundamental principle  and built weak systems, those are nothing but the so called communist countries.

                             The labors and proletarians shows the ability to work above to their power and strength- this fact is a question what Marx didn't understood. The basis for this fearful work is the bonds. Labors and proletarians exploit the bonds to do this most unbearable job. The capitalists exploit this labor production. So in this chain system of exploitation the first exploiters are labors and proletarians.


                         Either Atma or the Nature don't have the personality of permanent existence. Ever change is the nature of this Universe. It is with the sorrow . There is the way to get the sorrowlessness. To enter into this state a person has to get the Nirvana or the Other . Unless of it persons will born in the sorrow and they will die in the sorrow. If we don't know the truths of Buddha, Buddhism, and the truths which were preached by the Buddhists and  don't follow the life way what they said, we will get the sorrow only as the result.

                     The persons who agree the Atma, and Spiritual life should always say in this way. Then only people get fear and take membership in any one of these companies( Religions) 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


                           There is no past. There are  only present and future. In the future, the Atma remains only. In the two options, Heven and Hell,  only one is to be obtained. After the Judgenent Day, Heven or Hell will be obtained. This type of material is sold by Christian and Islam institutions and their branches.

                There is a little importance for the Nature in this type of propaganda. That means the Universe is given a little importance.

           Nature, and the female, who is the form of Nature have a  trivial part in it.  Why because the Female is the form, who created from the rib of the Male.

                     They propagate that the birth of the Human is the action of Sin. They propagate Adam and Eve theory, But they dont have the clarity on the issues how to identify the Eve for a Adam. They don't know how to make identify a Male his Eve .

          This theory is in forefront of its trade expansion. The believers of this theory have a strong faith on  their marriages that they are done by the God to make unite with their partners. They say the same with others. But what is the role of the Satan, who has the equivalent strength with the God in this action? How can  He interfere in it. .

                              There is the ambiguity on  the number of the followers of the Satan. How many of them are there? How many of them are there in the preachers? How can they built the opposite systems to God and how can they propagate against the God are the confusing questions.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


                If we observe the primary forms and the principles of the religious institutions, which attract the people, and make them fear, we can easily understand their nature.

            The man who searches  for the causes of the problems in present also look into the past and relates the cause and effect. At the same time He/She assumes His/Her future. Every person can follow this same way and the results which are prepared at beforehand are as follows. 

           Atma doesn't have the Death. The Body(person) is  like the shirt of (being of the body) Atma. There are results for each action done by the Body. To experience them there is the second birth for the Atma. The Birth and the Death are inevitable.

            For this type of propaganda, India is the strongest dais.  In the past, present and future, the being of the body posses the fruits of the body itself.

               There is no death for the Atma. The results of the actions don't adhere the Atma.  Fire doesn't burn it. Water doesn't make it wet. These are the prevalent formulations in India.

          This theory divides the personalities in a family as three types, Daiva, Rkshasa, and Manava. It is unnecessary to discuss the results of this classification and how it is understood by the people.

                This three type personality classification is not other than the three different natures of different persons in a single Atom. Every physical family has  the three type Personalities.

            There is no place for like and dislikes in the issues of Truth.

            Like, dislike, acceptance, opposition, argument, response are generated only for the Untruth.

    There is Heven, Hell, Vaikuntham, Mokham, getting oneness in the God, getting a second birth in lower position are ready for  this type of propaganda  as the Futures.

                   In the name of Future, and Past they make fear the People, delude them, seduce them, torture them and even they don't hesitate to kill them . This is the history of this type of philosophy.

Monday, December 7, 2015


                 There is no difference between the companies which sell soaps, condoms,vehicles, clothes and so on to the institutions which propagate religion .

                             Publicity is the need of Untruth and Adhrmam.

         There is no need to propagate for the Truth, Dharmam and The God.

                 The Truth, Dharmam, and The God are the materials  to be known only. But not  to be publicized and get develop through marketing. When we know  this truth,  this evil business will be stopped at the immediate moment . That will perish and the Light spread in to the darkness.

                 All this type of institutes ultimate goal is money earning and getting power to rule. The entrance into the God's Kingdom, Entry into the Heaven, to get Moksha, Birthlessness, Eternal Bliss, Un sorrowfullness, having eternal living, equal society all these are the  names of the baits. Every person can get attracted by any one of these baits. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015


                          Any theory, that has to develop in to a religion, system- it should focus on the principle formulation of existence of Human- How is it ? How it should be ?  They should make the people to believe that their formulations are the truth and ultimate destiny.

                        That means- Why the persons get born?  Why they live? Why they get Death ? What is  before Birth ? What are the consequences after Death ? Which type of living leads to which type of result ? What is the cause for the present behavior ? How can we get health and happiness ? How do they go off ?  - type questions should be answered.  Then only they should be established as a religion, a path to be followed, a life style and thus they can attract and deceive the people and they assimilate  in to them.

                    Through this type of process only so many religions, ways, lifestyles were systematized in the present and past on the basis of  so many theories. These theory based systems stress them selves as the truth and ridicule the others.

                                     If we observe them, this preaching process is simply trifling and their propaganda resembles to the companies publicity which serves the physical needs.



                     Lust is the one of the most degenerated problems of renunciation. The lust which has to blossom the personalities became unrestrained. Because of the personalities, who don't like to satisfy their lust and who don't know the ways to satisfy it , the Creation turned into perversion.

                            Lust is the root for the Creation. This lust has turned and has been turning into the destructive force of Creation. Bonds which act as the restrains of lust between Personalities, and waste materials are making the Personalities fragmentation. On the basis of these Bonds and waste materials so many Personalities are existed. Those are also the squeezed of lust. The last weapon of Natures  against  the violent form of lust is  covering the Earth with ice to save the Creation. But the unrestricted heat which is lingering around the Universe is denying  this Alternative also. The contraction of the Universe started so many years ago.

                Restraining of lust and having desire of lust with out the person is opposite to Dharmam.

             If we protect the Dharmam, Dharmam protects us is the wrong concept.

                  If we dont live according to the Dharmam, Dharmam will punish

                 Dharmam is not the material which is saved by the Persons or Gods.

                  It is the correct way of Life.

               There is only one Dharmam for all the Persons or Gods and for the entire Creation. It is only One but not many.

The household life according to the Dharamam is the safeguard for the Natures and Atmas.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


             All these details are given here for only to understand how the monk get the Power and Capabilities.

            The monks who got the extra Power and Capabilities in this way, started to destroy what there was and created the new things. They created new policies, systems, states. Till now the monks and religious institutions are ruling the entire systems.

              In this way the development of Atma proceeded to wards wealth and power by leaving the Nature (Female). Renunciation which has started in the name of solution for the bond of polluted annoyance, has increased the pollution to its top most and created the strong prisons and now It is in the search of the ways how to get rid of all these obstacles.

              There is the only one Beginning and Ending to this disturbance which has created by renunciation. To the entire systems of renunciation, the principle Male, Shiva and the principle Nature Parvathi are the beginning and ending to this problem.

               In the process of Creation they had to do an important role but they were obstructed to mate and thus the all types of religious and renunciation systems are in the existence.

                   The so called 18 Shakti Pithas, 12 Jyotir lingas and as the Atma linga who owned by Ravana- all these are the destructed forms of Them . They have to free from  the other personalities like- Ganga, Naga, Chandra,  which have mingled with their personalities, and with their pure innocence Personalities and free from bonds they have to mate with mutual recognition. If it not happened those Two  may become destructive. As Shiva and Parvathi don't live according to the Dharmam they are in the condition of becoming perish .

                        It is the major issue, which is the deciding factor for the Future.