Tuesday, November 17, 2015


When the Strength and Power are in equal state, then only  there would be balance. In the process of  escaping from the bonds, the Male- not to be caught in them, and from the Male,  who are in the bonds,  the flow of high power is passing in a mechanical way. In this process, the characters of the Female reached to a dominant position in the society.

Now the Male has became inefficient to understand the special characters of himself .  He has fallen in to the position to say, that the duties  of  birds and fish like animals, i.e . giving birth, rearing, and protecting  are equal  to the Male characters.

The Male are living in the illusion that this society is the Male dominated one. Actually it is opposite to  it. It is the Nature, Female dominant society. In the life which follows the Dharmam, there is no scope to any type of  dominance. There is only the coherence of Male and Female. For the material of Dominance, Adharmam is the Food and Shelter. 

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