Friday, December 11, 2015


                     Along with these, there are the persons who deny the existence of Atma and  Nature and they say that the present man is the result of mechanical dynamics of the Matter.  In this category the communists who claim themselves as the followers of Karl Marx are in first row. Why because they built the new systems on this theory so they propagate the past of the man is mechanical. They apply - the unity of opposite forces and conflict to get  development - theory to the past and present.   As Marx  did not clarify the personal relations,  how they should be exactly, the followers of so called Marx conveniently used this situation and they agreed  and followed the bond systems which were established  previously . Marx himself formulated a great theory on Male - Female relations. He stated that  a New System should be built in order to reach a Female her own Male without any obstacles.

                         But Marxists neglected this  fundamental principle  and built weak systems, those are nothing but the so called communist countries.

                             The labors and proletarians shows the ability to work above to their power and strength- this fact is a question what Marx didn't understood. The basis for this fearful work is the bonds. Labors and proletarians exploit the bonds to do this most unbearable job. The capitalists exploit this labor production. So in this chain system of exploitation the first exploiters are labors and proletarians.

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