Thursday, October 1, 2015



                                                                 The family, it is the important one which controls the person's actions, likes and dislikes, emotions, the state and the course of malevolence, health, ill health - all of these  are controlled through person’s family. The  actions like casting the vote is also the one  which is controlled by the family. From the beggars who do beggary on the streets, the persons in rags and appearing  like lunatics, the Aghoras, who do penance in the Himalayas by renunciating their parents, and to the extremists - each and every one exists for their family purpose.

                          There is non other than to this. The so called independent actions- what the persons support them in that name -are not actually their own and with free choice. They do them just to obey the commands of their family heads, and they are completely under their control. This one is the truth which to be  exposed.

                                 Don't having the control or having the control on one's self -This is the problem often we face.  From the movements of the eyelids , way of walking, speech and to thought, ultimately how to live and death like all the person's  actions can't be  under their control . All of them are under another one's control who is unknown to them. Now their condition is nothing but the machine controlled by some one. Hence they are not able to understand and  there no situation to understand the meaning of the words freedom and control.

                      The intensity of the power which is generated from the bonding of unknown past is the cause for this incidents.

                                    Hence it is meaningless to be anguished for the freedom with out trying  to come out from the hold of unknown control.                                        

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