Tuesday, December 22, 2015


                     Each man has an unique person code. It is depended on the God. Along with character  there are Person code (E)  and Human code (E).

                       Human code is depended on the God. For the complete form of personality,  the Female- Male bodies are two keys of a secret lock of Single Personality. The pure couple's physical mating only gives the way to open the own house doors. Till then the persons live in the artificial weak houses of cards of another. It is the base for every one's dream for own house.

 The secret of creation is  revealed only through pure couple's mating. Through this only,  persons could enter in to the own house, own life, own wealth and own family. Even the own family also has its Unique Code.

                                    How to identify all these?

             The base of the Earth and Natures is the Natures Kingdom.

                                    The Birth cause of the Male who is the form of Atma, and the Female, the form of Nature is the same. Make to develop, blossom, extend and enjoy its Nature by Atma  is the only cause for the Human birth. To give the power  to its Male and develop and enjoy  is the only cause for the birth of Female.

                   This is the root cause for the Birth.

                              "I shall live with the Truth in accordance with Dharam"

                                                     This determination

                                    Is the tool to get liberate from the Bond.

Friday, December 18, 2015




                                   The time is also in a difficult time. In the hands of Kalnagu, Kal bhairava and Kala yama it became into pieces and lost its existence. There is no any being in the creation which doesn't know the God and Knowledge. Just think with a discrimination. Today you have Two types of Knowledge. One is the wrong  knowledge, meant for making your personality into pieces. This has resulted from the Bond. The other is the right knowledge meant for blossoming your personality. No one can teach it to you.  Why because the taught one is always be the wrong knowledge. The right one is always in you. That one is dug up to use only  by you . To dig up that knowledge you should n't take any help outer from you.

                            Why because, each person's own knowledge, memory  and all of them are stored in that Person's Nature roots.

                      From that roots of the Nature, its Male only knows that secrets. It is impossible to others.

                     As the Human reached to a miserable condition, left his  own life,  unable to know  own knowledge, now the Human has been begging for the minimum  knowledge to get on his daily life for years  and is being examined at every door of it.   The system which is developed on the basis of Adharmam divide the people as the beggars and  the donors.

Thursday, December 17, 2015



  Let us leave aside the idiots who say this universe is originated in a mechanical way. Dont you believe that it is the work of God and the unknown Super Power?

        But that is Untruth

      The Truth is

           Human is the creator of this Universe.

           Human is the center of this Universe.

        For Human only all these Universes existed.

         All this universe is the playing toy for the Human.

           This is only the truth.

 Man is n't mere  a lump of meat expressed in kilograms. Human is the form of Atma and Nature who pervaded through all the Universes . Offspring of the God.

            For all the personalities God is the only base.

           We should have the strong desire to reach  our own personality, own home, and own family.

                We should leave the vision of trust and mistrust and should open the eyes of Dharma to know that we are in the lap of the God.

The future is only meant for the people who decided to leave according to the Dharmam.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


             Blossoming our self with  love, bliss and peace which are hidden in us, with our power and capabilities creating prosperity and enjoying ourselves makes the God (God and Goddess) who is the base for this creation, feel happy.

                     It is painful to see the following after the worthless Gurus,Gods  like  beggars by us  though we have the enormous peace and bliss in us in this most spacious universe  is really  painful to the God.

               God is the source to supply the sufficient power - capability and means to the Human to create the entire Universes.

                  He is such an innocent who don't know the meaning of prayers, food presented to him, devotion,anointing like chief tricks. He doesn't desire it and receive it.

                 God( God+ Goddess) is the most patient to the human errors though the human is doing so many blunders by following Untruth and Adharma.

                                  He is n't the corrupted one to receive your offerings.

Do you know who create this wast Universe?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015



 In the pursuit of building this universe we  traveled so much distance, and forgot  our  own family, own home, own existence and own personality and became such type of  personality.

Today the scientists got the identity of God cell in the Atom which is invisible to the naked eye. In the same way for the human who is the embodiment of millions of Atoms does not have the God for himself ? Doesn't you  have the God as the base for your Atma and Nature forms ? Don't you know this fact ?

Forgetting the past is the specialty of your own alienated  personality. This forgettingness is the source for the newly born deceivers. These are the preachers of God, religions, Gurus, Babas, preachers of science and etc. Our bad qualities like selflessness, sacrificing, trust, mistrust are the steps to go high for these fellows.


SELFISHNESS ( swartham = swa+ artham ) means knowing thy self, reaching to yourself, uplifting yourself.

Monday, December 14, 2015



                       Ultimately the Female is being exploited in this exploitation process. the Atmas are exploiting the Natutes.

                         Rationalists, atheists and the persons who bare the name of science- there are so many types of groups people.

                      Modernity and science are the covers for them. The loopholes of the previous systems are the food for them. Science is their vision. That means scientific perspective. These are the most superstitious people than the people who strongly believe that their God is the only true God.

                      Here science and  God are the different names. But the belief is common. In the present time the people who preach the science  have the skill to make people fear in the name of science.

             If there are any Atmas and Natures not fished by these religious systems, there is the ultimate power to catch them, that is the Medicine. It is the chief commander of all the religious systems. Capitalism is the beloved child of religion.

                         In the web of all these systems and their sayings- who emphasize them selves as the true, we have got the opinion  that it is only for the super human beings knowledge to divide which is truth and which is not.

                             But there is a famous story of a fly which forgets its OWN NAME.  

Friday, December 11, 2015


                     Along with these, there are the persons who deny the existence of Atma and  Nature and they say that the present man is the result of mechanical dynamics of the Matter.  In this category the communists who claim themselves as the followers of Karl Marx are in first row. Why because they built the new systems on this theory so they propagate the past of the man is mechanical. They apply - the unity of opposite forces and conflict to get  development - theory to the past and present.   As Marx  did not clarify the personal relations,  how they should be exactly, the followers of so called Marx conveniently used this situation and they agreed  and followed the bond systems which were established  previously . Marx himself formulated a great theory on Male - Female relations. He stated that  a New System should be built in order to reach a Female her own Male without any obstacles.

                         But Marxists neglected this  fundamental principle  and built weak systems, those are nothing but the so called communist countries.

                             The labors and proletarians shows the ability to work above to their power and strength- this fact is a question what Marx didn't understood. The basis for this fearful work is the bonds. Labors and proletarians exploit the bonds to do this most unbearable job. The capitalists exploit this labor production. So in this chain system of exploitation the first exploiters are labors and proletarians.


                         Either Atma or the Nature don't have the personality of permanent existence. Ever change is the nature of this Universe. It is with the sorrow . There is the way to get the sorrowlessness. To enter into this state a person has to get the Nirvana or the Other . Unless of it persons will born in the sorrow and they will die in the sorrow. If we don't know the truths of Buddha, Buddhism, and the truths which were preached by the Buddhists and  don't follow the life way what they said, we will get the sorrow only as the result.

                     The persons who agree the Atma, and Spiritual life should always say in this way. Then only people get fear and take membership in any one of these companies( Religions) 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


                           There is no past. There are  only present and future. In the future, the Atma remains only. In the two options, Heven and Hell,  only one is to be obtained. After the Judgenent Day, Heven or Hell will be obtained. This type of material is sold by Christian and Islam institutions and their branches.

                There is a little importance for the Nature in this type of propaganda. That means the Universe is given a little importance.

           Nature, and the female, who is the form of Nature have a  trivial part in it.  Why because the Female is the form, who created from the rib of the Male.

                     They propagate that the birth of the Human is the action of Sin. They propagate Adam and Eve theory, But they dont have the clarity on the issues how to identify the Eve for a Adam. They don't know how to make identify a Male his Eve .

          This theory is in forefront of its trade expansion. The believers of this theory have a strong faith on  their marriages that they are done by the God to make unite with their partners. They say the same with others. But what is the role of the Satan, who has the equivalent strength with the God in this action? How can  He interfere in it. .

                              There is the ambiguity on  the number of the followers of the Satan. How many of them are there? How many of them are there in the preachers? How can they built the opposite systems to God and how can they propagate against the God are the confusing questions.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


                If we observe the primary forms and the principles of the religious institutions, which attract the people, and make them fear, we can easily understand their nature.

            The man who searches  for the causes of the problems in present also look into the past and relates the cause and effect. At the same time He/She assumes His/Her future. Every person can follow this same way and the results which are prepared at beforehand are as follows. 

           Atma doesn't have the Death. The Body(person) is  like the shirt of (being of the body) Atma. There are results for each action done by the Body. To experience them there is the second birth for the Atma. The Birth and the Death are inevitable.

            For this type of propaganda, India is the strongest dais.  In the past, present and future, the being of the body posses the fruits of the body itself.

               There is no death for the Atma. The results of the actions don't adhere the Atma.  Fire doesn't burn it. Water doesn't make it wet. These are the prevalent formulations in India.

          This theory divides the personalities in a family as three types, Daiva, Rkshasa, and Manava. It is unnecessary to discuss the results of this classification and how it is understood by the people.

                This three type personality classification is not other than the three different natures of different persons in a single Atom. Every physical family has  the three type Personalities.

            There is no place for like and dislikes in the issues of Truth.

            Like, dislike, acceptance, opposition, argument, response are generated only for the Untruth.

    There is Heven, Hell, Vaikuntham, Mokham, getting oneness in the God, getting a second birth in lower position are ready for  this type of propaganda  as the Futures.

                   In the name of Future, and Past they make fear the People, delude them, seduce them, torture them and even they don't hesitate to kill them . This is the history of this type of philosophy.

Monday, December 7, 2015


                 There is no difference between the companies which sell soaps, condoms,vehicles, clothes and so on to the institutions which propagate religion .

                             Publicity is the need of Untruth and Adhrmam.

         There is no need to propagate for the Truth, Dharmam and The God.

                 The Truth, Dharmam, and The God are the materials  to be known only. But not  to be publicized and get develop through marketing. When we know  this truth,  this evil business will be stopped at the immediate moment . That will perish and the Light spread in to the darkness.

                 All this type of institutes ultimate goal is money earning and getting power to rule. The entrance into the God's Kingdom, Entry into the Heaven, to get Moksha, Birthlessness, Eternal Bliss, Un sorrowfullness, having eternal living, equal society all these are the  names of the baits. Every person can get attracted by any one of these baits. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015


                          Any theory, that has to develop in to a religion, system- it should focus on the principle formulation of existence of Human- How is it ? How it should be ?  They should make the people to believe that their formulations are the truth and ultimate destiny.

                        That means- Why the persons get born?  Why they live? Why they get Death ? What is  before Birth ? What are the consequences after Death ? Which type of living leads to which type of result ? What is the cause for the present behavior ? How can we get health and happiness ? How do they go off ?  - type questions should be answered.  Then only they should be established as a religion, a path to be followed, a life style and thus they can attract and deceive the people and they assimilate  in to them.

                    Through this type of process only so many religions, ways, lifestyles were systematized in the present and past on the basis of  so many theories. These theory based systems stress them selves as the truth and ridicule the others.

                                     If we observe them, this preaching process is simply trifling and their propaganda resembles to the companies publicity which serves the physical needs.



                     Lust is the one of the most degenerated problems of renunciation. The lust which has to blossom the personalities became unrestrained. Because of the personalities, who don't like to satisfy their lust and who don't know the ways to satisfy it , the Creation turned into perversion.

                            Lust is the root for the Creation. This lust has turned and has been turning into the destructive force of Creation. Bonds which act as the restrains of lust between Personalities, and waste materials are making the Personalities fragmentation. On the basis of these Bonds and waste materials so many Personalities are existed. Those are also the squeezed of lust. The last weapon of Natures  against  the violent form of lust is  covering the Earth with ice to save the Creation. But the unrestricted heat which is lingering around the Universe is denying  this Alternative also. The contraction of the Universe started so many years ago.

                Restraining of lust and having desire of lust with out the person is opposite to Dharmam.

             If we protect the Dharmam, Dharmam protects us is the wrong concept.

                  If we dont live according to the Dharmam, Dharmam will punish

                 Dharmam is not the material which is saved by the Persons or Gods.

                  It is the correct way of Life.

               There is only one Dharmam for all the Persons or Gods and for the entire Creation. It is only One but not many.

The household life according to the Dharamam is the safeguard for the Natures and Atmas.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


             All these details are given here for only to understand how the monk get the Power and Capabilities.

            The monks who got the extra Power and Capabilities in this way, started to destroy what there was and created the new things. They created new policies, systems, states. Till now the monks and religious institutions are ruling the entire systems.

              In this way the development of Atma proceeded to wards wealth and power by leaving the Nature (Female). Renunciation which has started in the name of solution for the bond of polluted annoyance, has increased the pollution to its top most and created the strong prisons and now It is in the search of the ways how to get rid of all these obstacles.

              There is the only one Beginning and Ending to this disturbance which has created by renunciation. To the entire systems of renunciation, the principle Male, Shiva and the principle Nature Parvathi are the beginning and ending to this problem.

               In the process of Creation they had to do an important role but they were obstructed to mate and thus the all types of religious and renunciation systems are in the existence.

                   The so called 18 Shakti Pithas, 12 Jyotir lingas and as the Atma linga who owned by Ravana- all these are the destructed forms of Them . They have to free from  the other personalities like- Ganga, Naga, Chandra,  which have mingled with their personalities, and with their pure innocence Personalities and free from bonds they have to mate with mutual recognition. If it not happened those Two  may become destructive. As Shiva and Parvathi don't live according to the Dharmam they are in the condition of becoming perish .

                        It is the major issue, which is the deciding factor for the Future.

Monday, November 30, 2015


                       We  know the fact that so many wars were  happened for the cause of woman. What is there specially in a  particular woman, but not in Another ?  Beauty like simple answer is  not apt here. So what is the reason for it?

                    If we limit our quest to the visible facts we never know the complete truth. We know each Female has the specific Personality. The war for the Female,  who is the base and the form of Nature for a particular Holy Family  means, it gives us the details to understand the truth behind it. That particular Female is not an ordinary Female.  She is the  form of the Super Power. The Person who does the war for Her is not doing it for Her, but for the Super Power. By getting hold of Her,  He controls Her entire Family.

                             Through getting marriage to a Female, we often here the sayings , that the Family or the Village became well or destroyed. In the same way we here the sayings also," due to the birth of the Boy or Girl that Family got fortune".

Saturday, November 28, 2015



                          What is the Fate of the Female, who is  the form of the Nature, of the renounced Person ? If the Male renounced, Who has to fulfill Her needs, how can Her needs be satisfied? To solve this problem She becomes the second wife to the another Female's Male or She owns Him at any cost, like deeds started. As a result new agreements, conflicts, violence like harms have started.

               Some how the Female, who reached the another's Male  gets the availability of the extra Power and Strength . In this way the monk is with the extra Power and Strength.

                  Let us see  how the Power and Strength is  delivered  by mating of the Male and Female in two small examples. This can be helped to the readers to think in a new way.

                        After marriage, the persons who have mated, get the changes in their bodies. That may be little in some persons and some may get it in high levels. Often we hear the expressions like, "you have changed a lot after your marriage". When the two materials get mixed, it is natural that they get some newness. Hence all these changes are common in our experiences, like the weaker getting the extra strength and the stronger  losing their strength.

                     But the society is in a position not to like to agree the causes of these changes. Or the facts are in  a hidden condition.


                 In the wake of new situations, a conflict starts with in the Person, Family and Unit. If the Person is available this conflict can be happen externally. If he is not available and escape from it to the far off distances this conflict can be happen internally.

                Callous one is stronger than the king Proverb is originated from these fellows. The family members conciliate with him, and even left him to avoid the conflict.

                  Why  they do so because, they have to do labor for their life. Rearing the family, protection like duties are there to be done. So these weaknesses are the strength of the person who want to become a monk.

                Now the monk mount up to a step. Through a truce with his Unit,  not to make any trouble to it for his Physical, Mental, and Soul related needs,   he takes it in to his control . Then the Soul of the monk starts a new construction with out having any rest. It engages all its time for the new knowledge which is needed for it

                In this journey, a monk needs more and more extra energy and strength. That will also be fulfilled . Let us see how it will be happen.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


                     We should know the brutality behind the blatant practice of a person to renounce. In this process a person, who is inseparable from the Family and a Unit does reduce his sleep,  food in taking  and starts the blatant practice.

                  In this practice a person has to control bodily feelings like hunger, rest, lust, sleep and mind related thoughts. More and more important one is not to  be susceptible to the attraction of his Second part ( that may be a Male or a Female).

               If a person doesn't take his food, that burden of deficiency at first fall on his own Female. As a sequence she has to take extra food to fill this deficiency. Later this  deficiency is also filled by the remaining four Members of the Unit.

                     A person starts practice without having enough sleep. The power and strength  to do that activity is supplied  continuously through his Unit. In this process along with his own Female the other Unit members also feel the deranged sleep and after waking up from it they feel the tiresome as they worked out the all night.  

Monday, November 23, 2015



                      Truth has been arrested  and the actual equality between Male and Female has also been buried in the grave. As per character, though it is a Female dominated society, the Female,  who is being exploited and oppressed by the Male also participating in this competition of  illusion.  Some Female persons are also came forward to be worshiped like as the Goddesses.

              All types of renunciations and the systems of Ashrama are the ways and isms to escape only. Renunciation is not a solution to any type of problem.

                There is nothing to say about the people who do go to this monks and do pray to get some thing from them.

                          The base for the crazy, perversive actions like getting worshiped by the Female, by saying  that the husband is the direct God to Her,  is the  cunning craft of the escaping  system of renunciation.

                        The bond has been started by changing the organs, places, and things through the actions like stealing and  confiscating. By the newly produced Power and Capabilities ( like Black matter, Anti matter, White matter)  from  these ways, new systems  has evolved as alternatives to the Holy Family System. All these are the forms of the new system them selves.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


                 There is a wrong concept which is deeply rooted among the people, that is the Nature is the commodity for the man to enjoy.

                  The monks are living in the illusion with the  whimsical speculations to get the state of not having a physical body, which is eventually denying the Nature, and to escape from the frame of Birth and Death to attain a state of Eternity. As a result, their physical  vision got obfuscated to recognize the deformated results of their desires. These short sighted fellows are being proud and saying the punch dialogues  in a serious tone like AHAM BRHMASMI, AYAMATMA BRHMA,and I AM THE GOD.

                         Daivatma reflexes even to its some what extent in the Atmas who got caught in bonds also. If we hug the person who smear the scent over   their body, that scent smell also adheres us. The person has forgotten that he has the certain  personality and  he is the the being in the form of Atma. All it  has happened for so many years ago.   That the reflected  God material like the scent in him has caused an illusion in him/her to feel him/her as the God . This is the highest illusion among the monks.

            Later this illusion has spread over in to the persons who are in the house hold works also. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


                 Through the Renunciation, some illusions came in to dissemination. Some of those are :

1. Knowing the God and become  Oneness in to the God.

2. Attaining Moksha from the bond of this Universe.

3. Developing from the Human to  the Divine.

4. Renunciate every thing and  be beyond to the physical affection and hatred to reach the state of Eternal Bliss.

5. For the prosperity of the  Universe.

                    All these are some of the answers to the question, why you are renouncing, which are  in the dissemination.

            But the truth is - the hermits are using the Power, though they are not being caught in the physical bond through the Female. They have been expanding in to the Universe by enhancing the  strength of the  Atma extensively, and creating the world which is absolutely under their control.  As the  result  the Nature is becoming severe destruction and getting deterioration.

                        One of the old China Proverbs is exactly suitable to the system of renunciation.

                 That is - Root is void, Stem is weak, Leaf is dense.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


When the Strength and Power are in equal state, then only  there would be balance. In the process of  escaping from the bonds, the Male- not to be caught in them, and from the Male,  who are in the bonds,  the flow of high power is passing in a mechanical way. In this process, the characters of the Female reached to a dominant position in the society.

Now the Male has became inefficient to understand the special characters of himself .  He has fallen in to the position to say, that the duties  of  birds and fish like animals, i.e . giving birth, rearing, and protecting  are equal  to the Male characters.

The Male are living in the illusion that this society is the Male dominated one. Actually it is opposite to  it. It is the Nature, Female dominant society. In the life which follows the Dharmam, there is no scope to any type of  dominance. There is only the coherence of Male and Female. For the material of Dominance, Adharmam is the Food and Shelter. 

Monday, November 16, 2015


                      To escape from the fruits of the bond, exploitation, oppression, desires, agony, ill health and so on,  the person has invented  a weapon - that is Sanyasam (Renunciation).

                              To escape from the physical bond, which has came into existence through the mating of another Male and Female, and the need to save the Existences to their extent caused the creation of Sanyasam. In this system of Renunciation, at first there were only the Male but later the Female also joined with them. In the back ground of this system, an evil has developed - that is the sharing of life with so many, through the sex in the life time of a person and developing the wrong Personality.

                              In the process of Sharing and Developing, the characters of Male, like Sense and Discrimination began to ruin. In the same way Love, Affection, Intelligence, and Memory like characters are also began to ruin. Why all this happened ? Why because, the persons have   became  uncontrollable due to the availability of enormous  Power which is above to their Capability and the enormous Capability which is above to their Power, vice versa. This is also a result of polluted Personalities and  The bonds.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


                By the bond only,  a person  losses his own personality and owns another personality. The conglomeration of different personalities cause to start conflict in a person. Due to this mental stress and conflict a person  feels  a fierce brawl to do what he wants. Why is it happening? Why because man has started to do the actions what he desires  by avoiding to do the actions with his own power and capabilities. One's desire is always stands against to other's desire. Then a person feels  an internal brawl (  mental, physical, and natural )  to fulfill his desires. This can lead to external conflicts and wars.

                     This situation has came  due to the loss of own personality and filling  that vacuum with other materiel. If  a person called  X,  desires to fill his loss from Y or A,  and  then they wouldn't co operate with X,  - this situation leads to generate a thought in X to steal it or attack on them with his extra power and capabilities what he gets from the bond. In generally no one wouldn't do any business which falls in to loss.

                            All ailments what we are seeing in our society are systematized through the bond it self. That is the cause that all these ailments have the support from the people openly or secretly. The innocent intelligent people often feel confusion on this matter, why the some people do support to the heinous actions. As they don't know the real form of bond they feel like this. No one knows the number of loser and gainers through bonding.  At some times it might be in  crores.

                               Devoid of any thing from me what I deserves  and adding any thing to me what is not belong to me,  becomes the bond. The bond can only do the loss or gain to a person .

The Bond is the cause for Desires.
The Desires are the base for the Disasters.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


             The personalities who entered in to the bond,  enter in to the deep world of darkness. All bonds come in to existence through male and female "sexual relations". All these bonds have developed in to so many types. This  process has reached to its peak extremity which can do destroy even  the creators of these bonds.

                   To its ultimate level, even the forms of bonds are also propagated as some Divinity, Truth and the Dharmam. One must recognize all these are the forms of Adharmam and Satan.

                        Expecting the Purity, Ethical Values, Honesty, Peace, Pleasure, and Bliss  in bonding is  equal to expecting the un-corrupted administration from the politician who purchase the voters for his winning.

               Ill health came in to existence when the bond has started.

                           Bond- Doctor- Ill health are the triplets of the same parturition. With out the annihilation of the bond, the ill health couldn't be rooted out. Doctor is the henchman of the exploitation  process.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


                            Without the Doctor and Engineer, the bond couldn't be possible.  From the comprehensive form of the person, a doctor can do remove the tools of the person ( they may be the person's bones, or things or any thing), with the consent or with out the consent, secretly, and he prepares the the person for bonding. The engineer who constructs the bonding. This process can be possible through any type of things of the person.

                     In this way the bond has started with the three person's components. This has shaped with the polluted personalities only. This has been continuing. This is the malignant action which is completely opposite to the Dharmam. The bond is the creation of the Adharmam.

                  In  Mathematics the so called Triangle is the first form of the bond. This is in the existence of the well known enchantment - OM + NAMAH + SIVAYAH

                                               This "Enchantment" is the polluted form of the bond of the three personalities. Enchantment is the password to get in to the System.  We have so many enchantments like this, who came into existence through the persons bondings. These bondings are the Metaphysical banks of the  Black money. They are the abodes of exploitation. These bondings are the causes for the Black holes of the physical world. As we know  at least a little about the Black holes,  it is immaterial to go in to details. But one thing to emphasis is that  the relations  between  the human bondings and the form and nature of the Black holes. It should be known to us. Through Black matter, the creators of the Black holes are in the illusion that the entire world is unaware of what they are doing.

By the persons who are in  the form of Atma with Electron and Proton natures, Black matter is created. There are so many Substances like this. Anti matter, White matter are some of these. What is going on and what happened  in the Black holes like places are the important questions to be known. But those records of them are also safely preserved like the happenings of on the Earth.

Saturday, October 31, 2015


                                        Due to the polluted human relations, new products has came in to existence - one among them is Sanyasam. While enjoying The Newness of polluted human relations, The Old has entered in to the destruction. While The Old is being extincted, and The New is in developing , as like The Old one man got the desire to make The New as the eternal. This desire has caused The Bond.

                   The Bond  binds the two or more materials to another material. At the beginning the mating of the Proton and Electron natured Persons produced the black matter and in turn that generated The Bond.  This bond is created primarily by Two.  One is the doctor and the other is engineer. at the beginning they are recognized as conjurers.

Friday, October 30, 2015


                    There are the type of people who always do engage in searching for what they have lost and there are another type- they search for the people who have the sound balance sheet  to expand and develop their companies . Palmistry is one of the ways in this searching. All these efforts  are meant for searching the people who are strong enough and powerful.

                     There is no alternative to the Suitable. It always be the Only One. Other than to this Only One, there are crores of alternatives. These are owned through auction, conflict, and even war also. Hence the Own Material is different to Owned Material.

                  Own Material is never gets separated but the owned material  can  be separated  from us at any time. This is its character.

                       Doing rape the female is not mere the action done by the male to satisfy his lust, it is to exploit the power of female and to take them under their control. Usually  the persons who does rapes are the only vehicles. The persons who use them secretly are always be invisible and exercise extra power to do this action through the vehicles. The so called Gods who always get the worships and prayers are in the first row to do use This Way

Wednesday, October 28, 2015



                            Let it be aside the result of the tomorrow of the development which has taken place through the hundred crores of years. Now a days, as the person, human is in a quest with getting  so many feelings,  doing violence and being tortured, he is searching with annoyance.  But he didn't get the happiness, satisfaction, peace and prosperity in his own life, though he searched a lot, experienced a lot, earned a lot, and at last he did renunciation and became a monk for them.

                The happiness,  satisfaction, peace, and prosperity become more  distant  to the person  as much as he distant to his own life.

          Each and every male does search for every female body without  age bar , because he has to mate with the Form of Power( Sakti  Swarupini), who gives him the satisfaction, love, peace and at the same time she is the only one to save his Personality. But in these polluted bondings any male cant do recognize his own female clearly, and straightly.

           This is the cause for the male's lustful sight towards the female. Female is also does the same thing in her own style and she also searches for her own male and await for him. With out knowing this Truth the male and the female both are getting frustrated from their beloved or married or desired mates as they don't have the real love, peace and satisfaction from the others. Through  this dissatisfaction they have been hating, hurting each other and they don't hesitate even to kill the other.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


                         In the process of changing the Dharmam in to Adharmam,  the first cause for it is the adultery and the second one is the alienation of the personality of Dharmam.

                     The person has left his/her second Form and Essence and has been continuing his/her life with the other person by covering him/her in the name of Dharmam. And this has became the Dharmam of the person, freedom of the person.

When the person's personality has been concealed and became alienated, then all this process has been glorified with the name of Person's Dharmam and actually all this was nothing but the development of Adharmam, which has been continueing on.

This type of Aadharmam has been continuing on in so many names like Dharmam of person, Dharmam of profession, Dharmam of society, Dharmam of caste and religion, Dharmam of ashrama, Dharmam of sanyasa, Dharamam of gruhastu, Dharmam of priest, Dharmam of mother , father and son, Dharmam of varna and so on.

Just observe this process, how the Dharmam became the suffix to the person's freedom( sweccha = swa+iccha). All this process is nothing but the changing of Dharmam  in to Adharmam.

The person who says that he is just  doing his/her work according to the guidance of his/ her personality, is the person who became the victim of polluted bondings and he is the living expression of such type of Dharmam. So he/she can easily says, by leaving the Duty what he/ she actually  has to do,   I am doing my Dharmam  or   I am doing  my professional Dharmam. 

By The relations of the person which make  the Own Personality to disappear,  the Dharmam has became the rived cloth which has lost its existence. As a result, the  Adharmam became the common accepted form of Dharmam.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


                           Living according to the Dharmam means living a person through his Personality and living with the development and enlightenment  of  Prakruthi+Purusha. A person can live according to Dharmam when there is no interference of other persons.

          If a person steals other person's any materiel of the property and keeps it in his/her control, that means the first person has kept under control of the second person's Personality.

                                      i.e: Suppose there is an Atma swarupa with the Personality, Dharmam and his pen or even  his hair is stolen by another Atma swarupa with the Personality Krodham (anger). Then, that means the Krodha swarupa has possessed the materiel of Dharmam, and the power and capability of Dharmam are completely under his control. In this example Dharmam hasn't lost only his pen, he has lost his power and capabilities.  This was the beginning point in the society to misappropriate unrestrainingly the extra power and capabilities which have got through  the stealth materiel.

Monday, October 19, 2015



          Mating with other persons, and the issues related to Personality got impounded by other persons had caused the Pollution and it had been developed day by day.

The Pollution which came in to existence because of mutual understanding, had  later changed in to the process of  "Bonding". By concealing the any issue of a person, or impounding and taking under control of a  a person's power and capabilities with out having any permission from him/her came in to existence, and this art of theft had developed to its higher stage.

Temple, Mosque, Church like commercial complexes had constructed with this Art of Theft.

Making bond is the oxygen to the Adharmam.

The declination of Dharmam/ development of Adharmam are caused by Bonding. And it has been going on.

In this process the Dharmam which has to lead the Personalities in the right path has got degradation in its power and capability and ultimately it  has alienated. Hence the Dharmam has came nearer to loss of its existence. To understand this point please observe these two sentences.

A person living according to Dharmam

A person practicing the Dharmam of his/her own.

Sunday, October 18, 2015



                           If a person questions to him/herself and try to explore him/herself, He can know that he is the form of the Atma and She can know that she is the form of the Prakruthi, in particularly if it is Atma, the specialty of that Atma and if it is Prakruthi the specialty of that Prakruthi-  are completely known to  them. In this way the Time should help to know the comprehensive Truth of him/herself and lead his/ her life according to the Satya and live as per Dharma.

                Due to the pollution of Dharma and fading away of Satya,  Adharma and Asatya became glorious and they occupied the complete sky. The time which is the base for these two also divided in to the names like Good time and Bad time and it alienated in to different types.

                                 The deeds of the persons and the issue of  how these deeds are achieved, are completely dependent on the basis- how much time does they have in their hands. The Jyothisya which is bearing the name as superstition, Vastu and the Muhurthas related to marriages, constructions and even for the experiments of space are completely dependent on Time. Lenin intellectually called the October revolution of 1917 as the Muhurtham for Revolution. This shows us that even for the  so called communists also, there is a need for the Time and that should act in favour of their necessities . The substance of Time became different to each region and each type of theory because the Personalities of  Kala Purusha and Kala Prakruthi were became alienated,  they were impounded by different organisations at different places. This caused the privation to Kala Purusha and Kala Purusha. Now the time is not favour to them.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


                                     This pollution has spread out from the Duality to Plurality, and it reached the stage to destroy the roots of the Personality.

                  Dharma is the blossoming and developing  of the male and female who born for one another, and they live to their extent with out adhering to any sewage.

                                    Dharma is is the substance which makes to blossom in this way. If the true(Satya) substances( basic substances)- which are the base for the Personality,  develop in the same time in  the personality's all in all existences - then, it is called the life which follows the Dharma.

Satya (truth)- Dharma- Kala(time),  these three are the substances of a single Unit. With out one the other two couldn't exist. The One's state and destiny is depended up on the other  Two.

Satya- Dharma are the two sides of the coin, Kala (time). If a person lives according to the Dharma, that means,  he/she can automatically knows the Satya.  Love, Bliss, Health, the Manah (manassu), which doesn't have the Duality- all these good qualities fragrance in that Person .

Friday, October 16, 2015


                           Suppose if a person called X+1 works for 8hours and takes rest for 8 hours and sleeps for 8 hours. If  the same person mates with XY-1 and gets polluted and thus he gets availability of extra power and capability. As the result we suppose, the person X+1 can do the work for extra one hour or two hour. And the person Y+1 gets the deficiency incapability to do the work or gets deficiency in rest or sleeping time. In this process, the person Y+1 gets the incapability to do the daily work. In this way the process of losing or gaining of energy  had emerged. This process had started at the beginning with a consensus or an agreement and now they have grown  impossible to be rejected or prevented.

                                    The well known exploitation, persecution of rich from poor has the roots in Polluted Personality. The persons X and Y, by mating with their partners, they had  lost their existences and personalities and they reached the new state of  BEING DEJECTED .

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


                                In the own life, a person lives with his own power and capabilities. So there is a clarity of his labor and its result to him. He is absolutely responsible to his Karma. The co ordination with his family members and other family members is simple and clear and  those relations don't obstruct  the person's enlightenment and development.

                           But in the "Bonding ," the responsibility of the person becomes a confusion and there is a chaos to know who is responsible to a particular action and a particular result. So in our present society, as it is impossible to know the root causes of the on going violence and natural calamities, we go to explore alternatives.

                      Each and every alternative in turn becomes a beginning point for the risk of new problems. Earth quakes, cyclones, famines, excess of rain- like natural calamities are generally confined to a particular area.

                         Why such particular area becomes the abode to them?   Why because that place is the base for a particular Nature's family. The different opinions of  the particular Nature's family with other Nature's families or with in the family, the  relations become rigorous and they lead to conflicts and then there will be natural calamities.

                           For example if a particular place changes in to a desert that means the family which resides there, is completely exploited.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Due to the unknownness of the problem, and as we haven't done any to know it, the person has been searching for the solution in wrong ways. By doing that he was caught in the wrong ways and in the midst of accumulated wrong knowledge. These consequences made him to sink in to the complexity which is very difficult , whether the whole human being would rise to do solve it. 

Why it has done?   It has been done by the deterioration of The Dharma, being polluted of Personality, alienation, being exploited, and do exploitation.

The mating of the  Male and Female (Goddess of  Dharma+ The Soul of Dharma)   -who has the Personality of Dharma, with the male and female who has the -Other- Personality caused the Pollution. This was the beginning to it. Alienation, exploitation, inequality  started from then. To get a novelty or with malice some one has done this. But the result has been alienation, exploitation and oppression.

The entire Universe is nothing but the body of The  Two Existences of the God. Dharma is the heart to that body. The duty of the Dharma is to lead the Personalities in a correct way.

Thursday, October 8, 2015



                                          To explain about the universe which has two un-separable existences is immaterial here. So this basic information is enough to explore the root causes of human problems.

                                Now we look in to the problems. As we know all of them, it is no need to explain the names of the problems in detail. They may be health problems, mental stress, family problems, social, caste, religious and economical problems. For a single problem there are various types of solutions in our common acceptance. Though there are so many solutions, the problems of the person is growing in number day by day.

                      Here, one should know an important point- that there is only one solution for a problem, not so many.

              But at present there are lakhs of explanations and crores of solutions for the person's problems.

                                Some persons say by repeating the prayers of the names of Vishnu or Jesus or Allah, we can  get rid of the problems. In the same way some say practicing the Ashrama Dharma make the persons immune to the problems. Enchantment, Horoscope, Dhyana, Yoga, learning knowledge education, following the right way of life, taking good medicines- all these are some of the names and ways what we are following in our daily life.

                                   Some other think, it is the only solution to all the problems, that is - changing the structural form and nature of the society. Some feel Rama Rajya is the asylum, and some stress on the Sanatana Dharma. Some people suppose the physical life is the degrade one and it is the abode of sin. Some propagate for Heaven, rebirthlessness, The Kingdom of God and so on. And there are so many theories for casteless and religionless society. The propagators of these say, that  the equal society(communism) is the solution to all. By all these, person is in confusion to understand the roots of the problem. There is the chaos among us about what is the correct way, who is the correct leader or Guru, or God. There are so many people who do prayers for their problems in different types of places like Temples, Mosques, Churches and so on.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Freedom, rights like slogans, movements, struggles, theories are the expressive forms of Adharma. All these are conspiracies and artifices of Adharma.
The existences of body and being of body both have these statuses and courses -that means the existences of Physical and Meta physical.

There is the common opinion that  physical world and metaphysical worlds are different to each other and extraordinary to each other. But that is false. Atma, Power, GOD all of these are parts of a single body. Other than to these there are no other existences, forms and characters.

All the universes  which are visible to the eyes and the universes which are visible to the metaphysical eyes have the common base that is the single Personality- THE GOD . It has also two forms and two existences. The Prakruti and Purusha( Atma+Sakti ; Male+ Female ) which have the personality of GOD divide in to two, God and Goddess and exist at two places. They have also the Physical and Metaphysical bodies. They have also  the death and birth.

Thursday, October 1, 2015



                                                                 The family, it is the important one which controls the person's actions, likes and dislikes, emotions, the state and the course of malevolence, health, ill health - all of these  are controlled through person’s family. The  actions like casting the vote is also the one  which is controlled by the family. From the beggars who do beggary on the streets, the persons in rags and appearing  like lunatics, the Aghoras, who do penance in the Himalayas by renunciating their parents, and to the extremists - each and every one exists for their family purpose.

                          There is non other than to this. The so called independent actions- what the persons support them in that name -are not actually their own and with free choice. They do them just to obey the commands of their family heads, and they are completely under their control. This one is the truth which to be  exposed.

                                 Don't having the control or having the control on one's self -This is the problem often we face.  From the movements of the eyelids , way of walking, speech and to thought, ultimately how to live and death like all the person's  actions can't be  under their control . All of them are under another one's control who is unknown to them. Now their condition is nothing but the machine controlled by some one. Hence they are not able to understand and  there no situation to understand the meaning of the words freedom and control.

                      The intensity of the power which is generated from the bonding of unknown past is the cause for this incidents.

                                    Hence it is meaningless to be anguished for the freedom with out trying  to come out from the hold of unknown control.                                        

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


                    Why are the parents  behaving in a commercial way towards their children. Why are they crude  towards their children and rear them with the caste, religious, and national disparities ?

                           Why the parents and the caste religious heads try to control the children's profession and marriage which are related to their future ?

                 Why because-

The parents are giving birth to children BUT the children  are not of their own. Indeed, persons don't have the knowledge of OWN CHILDREN  AND HAVING OWN CHILDREN. They had sold it  in their commercialized  life thousand of years ago.

This book is an epilogue to the alienation which is originated from the selling of the own and owning of the other's- The main reason for the human being's remorseful  agony and violence.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


FREEDOM -what we often use is meaningless and wrong concept.

Freedom - swa+iccha (in Sanscrit language ) means one's own desire

                To know the meaning of freedom - swa (one's own)+iccha (desire)  one should know the meaning of " I".  Freedom does not mean living with the male or female whom we like or wandering or be  in a drunken condition or believing in different theories or believing in different Gods.

                 From whom we are desiring the free freedom?   This should be known to all with out any pretentiousness or any browbeating to their logical mind.

                           One should get the real freedom only when they live according to  the Dharma.

                      Other than to it  is none other than deceiving the Atma and deceiving the Prakruti.

If a person has the thoughts, doings and  feelings, all that only merge in  him/her,  then only he/she will be called  the Free Person. That He/She  can only say about his actions and cause and effect relations with  out running away by using the words- "I don't know" . But unfortunately or fortunately still there is no one born on the earth to say in that way. Why do I have to say?  No need to say,  Its my will,  I feel like that - type words only  show us the personalities who always hide themselves in the tortoise shell.

                             Why this elaborate description?  To make know the wrong concept of Freedom.

             Nowadays, even in a family no one like the others likings. Why because,  all the persons in a family are not originally belong to  that same family.  Though they are physically belong to that  family,  their roots are not in that family and they belong to different families and do exist with different personalities and represent different families.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


                      We often hear the word SOULMATES as equivalent to the relation of wife and husband which is an utterly wrong concept.  Soulmate is absolutely related to the male. It might be a shocking one to the common usage and understanding.  But it is true. Like as the  roommates and classmates, who live in the same place Soulmates also exist in the same atom and they have the same purpose. The Trimurhi - Brahma,Vishnu,Maheswara are the example for the concept of Soulmates.

                                        In the same way there are PRAKRUTIMATES, which is confined to the female.  This concept is completely unknown to the human thinking and understanding up to now. Prakrutimates also live in the same atom and they work for the same purpose. The existence of Lakhmi, Sarasvathi, Parvati is the best example to this.

                                     MEO,  which stands for MADE FOR EACH OTHER is the key concept for HUMANOLOGY.  To make the human as the un sufferer as its ultimate object, it elaborately explained the features of male and female who born for the other.

                   The male and female who are made for each other instinctively have the same pleasure and pain where ever they are and how ever they are.

Monday, September 14, 2015


               At the beginning of the creation Families are in unpolluted condition. Each Family, which is on the earth and beyond earth has its own property to live on. Own property means-the whole , which is needed to a human's Family. They are land, Nature, tools, vehicles and so on.

          A Family's own property is un separable part to it . A Family's mobile and immobile properties are under the control of its Head's Nature root form  and  the Atma root form.  The expressive forms of these are exist on the earth as their own land, persons, means, water, and other living things. This is the Holy Family- which is  un alienated, pure and the natural form of existence to the Family.

               A person's past is recorded  as the memory in the person's nature. A person has the facility to know the past like as  he knows the old details through the old documents.

        "I" means- a part of the Atom's complete form of its Family.  That means " I " is the One of an Atom's natures- either negative nature or positive nature.

                   A person is an un separable part of the  whole, that is the Family. As the Family has its own property, a person  has also  the defined own property. A person, person's own property, family, family's own property are in separable parts. like as the parts of the  body to a person, his personal property is also the same. The  personality is not only in the body or Atma. It is also in his own property. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015


                                   Unity of personalities have been  done by mating with the persons, either male or female who are in the same unit,  with same  personality or different personalities. Pollution started at this point.

                      Except the unity between same personality male and female, remaining all unities cause pollution and bonding . The unities on the basis of Relations, caste, clan, religion, region, language, inter caste, inter religion, inter national, inter continental-  are caused pollution.  They are not the pure and natural unities. This is the truth is to be recognized by the humans.

               What is the "problem" of the human? It is the question here . Pollution is the problem of the human. Being polluted is the beginning of the human problem. These polluted relations caused the human to fall in to the heinous conditions and made them  not even to be understood his own nature and personality.

         Each and every human is a member of a family.   This family exists with its crores of members.
Each and every family has a head  . That head may be Brahma, Vishnu, Paramesvara, Sarasvathi, Lakshmi, Kalika or may be Yahowa, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or may be Mahammad, Allah. People are well known of these heads as their Goddesses, and Gods to their family. In this way all of these exist as the heads of their family.

                After knowing of all the nature and personality, a person can know his/ her personality. Thus he/she can know his/her family. We have to recognize that knowing some land marks  through  the eye sight is a small thing in the entire knowing process.

                To identify their family  members, here is a small land mark. That is the structure of the toes. The structure of the toes is completely equal to the entire family's . The roots of a person are the feet which are on the earth, but the roots of the family are in the earth.

            All members of a family exist as an inseparable part in the head of the family.

                              Physical means: The bodies which are called of five elements. Those are male and female . And they are seen by physical eyes.

           The earth, sea, stars, planets, satellites, meteors, stone, iron, gold- all things, and lively things contain female and male power, and strength.

The sources of a substance called stone are the Atma, which is called  as stone- and nature. These two are male and female. This pair is  natural and pure.

          Meta physical means: The bodies which are seen by the eyes called inner sight. Those are  Prakruthi and Purusha, Sakti swarupa+Atma swarupa

            Each person has the physical and meta physical forms.  There are important roots which are base to these two forms. But the centers of them are different. For female that is in the Nature. Physical world is  the form of nature. For Atmas the centre is the Daivatma who is with the personality Daivam( GOD) this is the main centre for Atmas.

                         The existence of a person is the physical representation of the person"s root forms. Male and female persons are the junction points which link the roots of  Atma and Prakruthi.

                      On the "basis" of a person,  there are so many existences and establishments in this universe to it. The personality which is spreaded through out the universe is not revealed here. But we have  to remind it in our knowledge.

            The earth is the center to the thousands of the families which have crores of the members.

Friday, September 4, 2015



           The objective of Humanology is to reveal about the man comprehensively and to explain the problems of the man and their salvations, make to know how to live with out having any problems in the future.

What is the Man:
 Man is the totality of the permanent members in an Atom. Man, Human, Person are being used as synonyms. Man, Human - these two are same but man and person are not synonyms.
That means a person is just a part of an Atom.

In an Atom three male and three female exist. The comprehensiveness of these six is the Man.
It means Man = An Atom.
An Atom or a Man contains six persons.
These six persons are having three permanent natures and three permanent personalities. Nature means an Electron , a Proton, and a Neutron.

Electron exists as the form of Nature and it acts as the source for the physical bodies and  in turn it  creates the energy as the basic material  on the basis of physical forms.

Proton is the lord of Atma, which enacts as the tool to enhance the strength.

Neutron is as the form of Manasu, and exists as the totality of the Unit's capability, and works as the source to co ordinate the strength and power. 

The power is supplied to Atmas from the Sun

To Manasu from  the Moon

To Bodies from the Earth

           The sources for Natures  are  The Sun, The Moon, and The Earth. These three have also the Atma, Prakruti svarupas ( The Sun= Prakruti+ Purusha; The Moon= Prakruti+ Purusha; The Earth=  Prakruti+ Purusha). They also live like the persons in the frame work of life and death and they  exist as the  sources for the development of all Human beings.

For each nature and form there is a special personality.
Though there is an illusion that all humans(persons) are same, basically all persons exist with three different natures and three different personalities.

I will explain the difference between them through an immediate  eye sight. Just observe the structure of the ears. The part of the ear which is below the the place where we fix the ear rings is in three different forms.
1)  The ears which are small in size and closely affixed to the cheeks
2) The ears which are wide
3) The ears which are in moderate size 

One's personality is the  representative of any of these three natures but each person's body is built by all these three natures.

So each person who is with the physical body is built with the co -ordination of Prakruti, Manasu, and Atma.

This point is easy to  identify and there are land marks in a person's body to do this. Those are person's fingers and toes

Thumb is for Neutron; index finger  and middle fingers  are for Proton; last two fingers are for Electron- stand as representatives. A person can easily assume his/ her Unit's members position through them.

Every nature and form has it's personality. Nature and personality are dependents to the God. Personality is with the two  different genders, male and female. Personality is the source  for the nature and form to live on

To identify the second half for  a male or a  female who have the same personality, there is the easiest way to find.  Along with the structure of ears, there are lines of the feet, which are useful. Same personality persons have the same lines on the feet.

e.g. If there are- the person named Martin with Neutron nature and with the personality, Dharma; The person,  Mary, who also has the personality- Dharma and  Neutron nature with the form of  Prakruti, these both two have the same lines on their palms and feet, because they have the same Personality. Among the billions of people, the same personality persons have only the same lines like this. They are only The Made For Each Other.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


                                            All the institutes and religions are concerning Dharma as the commodity, that is being sold in the super market. Hence the many are saying easily  this is Hindu dharma, that is Islam dharma, Vrutti dharma (dharma of proffession) Dharma of Mother, Dharma of Father, Our Dharma, Your Dharma  and so on.

                   Dharma is not the commodity in a fair. It is not the one which is advertised with crores of rupees. And has not been advertised.

                Dharma is the way of life to be practised by persons, groups, and who got notority as the  Angels, the Demons, the Satans, but not the wagging tail behind the persons, or behind the religions, or behind the monks when they wag.

                   It is  the "Personality" which makes to know the truth in a simple way and   makes the persons to live in the bliss  .

                           Don't live by "Self deceiving" in the view that I have been living furtively the Dharma. Dhrma is wathing all this.  Be beware even hence forth.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What is Humanology :

Humanology denotes the interrelationship among the person, man, family, society, world, universe and ultimately with the God also.

In this process, at first, a person should know his own personality.

What is Personality :

Personality means “MADE FOR EACH OTHER”.

The god created the one personality, in two forms. One is in the form of female – Prakrithi Swarupa and the other is in the form of male – Atma swarupa.

Though the male and female are in two forms, from the beginning to the end they are in the one.
These two’s appearances, tastes and minds (manasu) are common. In these two if one feels pleasure, the same will be known to the an other. Suffering, angry, illhealth are manifested by these two at a same time.
Sun, Moon, water, Dharma, peace, like all such terms have their own meaningful. Atma (Saul) and Prakrithi swarupas.

For example, Rama and Sita are well known to all of us with their titles (Nama) and appearances (Rupa). If we suppose, that these two persons have negative and positive charges of the substance (Padartham) called the earth, then Rama and sita would become the Atma Swarupudu and prakrithi Swarupini, who both have ‘the personality’ of the earth.

Each soul (Atma) and prakrithi forms have their particular meaning. This is called “”personality”
Self – Realisation

The person who is in the name of Rama should try to know about himself after his birth. Then he could know himself as the atma swarupa (form of saul), his soul send has a meaning, that is earth, and there is the ‘power’ that causes to move him, that is in the form of Sita – a stree Swarupa (form of woman) and he could know that he and Sita are created for the same purpose. If Rama knows all these, then he is called as the person who knows about himself This is the Self-Realisation.

Man and Person :

Who knows them selves will have known immediately the second thing, that is the personality named the earth. This is one of the part of a man in his/her three parts. Through this we know the fact that ‘man’ and ‘person’ are different to each other.
Who is the man :
The man has the electron, the proton, the neutron, the three basic types of natures. These three natures with their positive and negative charges they exist as Six ‘persons’. These six persons are inseparables and live as an atom.

That means, man is the totality of these six persons. The electron, the proton, the neutron, these three personalities coexist in an inseparability just like as the un separable coexistence of a male and female in a person.

Who is the God :

The God is the fourth substance, who supports to sustain the coexistence of these six persons who coexist as an atom.

God substance is the primary source for the crores of prakritihi and atma swarupas. This one has also with the existence of different entities - prakrithi and purusha.

Knowing One’s Self :

Knowing yourself is the process, that should be in two ways those are physical and meta physical (Adhyatmika). By coordinating these two only, one can knows one’s self.

For those, who are trying and who will try to attain this, here are some evidences to make their effort simple and straight.

Translated from Telugu to English

Monday, March 23, 2015


-Prof.M.RaviKumar, Dept.ofTelugu,S.V.University, Tirupati, AndhraPradesh,India.

We can’t imagine a new construction without a destruction and a good future without reviewing the past.

Any new issue – that may be either an experience or a feel, as a theory that may relate too to the life or creation. When it touches us there should be same treblengs. This same has been happening for thousands of years.The same thing that has been happening.

The time between these trembling may be a second or an era. I can’t say the exact time between them, but ‘This one’ is a trembling.

I am not saying ‘this one’ as a book, an essay, a theory, an out cry or a crazy imagination. This one is not included in such of any category.

Here there are Dharma, Truth, Time Prakrithi, Purusha, Person, Man, Family, Atom, Molecule, Power, Labour, Earth, Eswara, Christ, Allah and so many. These real forms, natures colours, tastes and smells may exist like that.

This one is not understood by reading with the eyes. By using vision of experience of life only – we can reach it to some extent.

After the completion of this process we may have relax or perplex – feel a high degree of hungry or a lack of hungry – a sound sleep or the nights with out sleep – may keep wife / husband in a distance or hug him/her at a sudden surprise – may kiss – erase all the boundaries watching our bare bodies in a mirror and kiss our selves like the Greek mythological hero, Narcissus (NARACISSUS) break the mirror with a rage of hate on ourselves – If we don’t identity same properties and realities, there will be the eruption of our heads without hitting to the floor by viewing the scene of future. And some more else may happen or may not happen any of these – why Iam saying all these because it is not the fault this book, whether all of those said forth by me may happen or may not happen.The reason for this is the ideology, which has been driving and commanding as the force for thousands of years and that has sinked and included in our blood.

What is the difference between the man and the person? what is the difference between the God and devil ? Is there contradiction between Marx and Marxists ? who are male and female? Those who are as the half of us and sharing the half of our life are really our husbands and wives? Why the lives are taking a wrong way? Why are the families collapsing? For what cause illegal relations are existing? Why are the murders and rapes occurring? What are the forces behind them? Who are the criminals among them? The persons who gave birth to you and came out in to this world along with you from the same mother womb are really your family members? The persons who born to us are our own Children? These like questions may fall in the type of serious which make you feel terrible or the type of nonsense. To concentrate on these questions there should be much powerto our body and mind. More and more bravery is also needed. Much to them there should be the enthusiasm to know yourself, and about the God, Dharma, Praksithi and especially the reality of ‘The future’.

The persons who are ready to do all these, open this book think about the disturbing issues if they are. Share them to anyone without fear. If there are no disturbing issues in this book put this one in to another one’s vision. If they feel the same experience tell them to burn this book. What ever you do in all the above, that will be the better one.

Translated from English to Telugu