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           The objective of Humanology is to reveal about the man comprehensively and to explain the problems of the man and their salvations, make to know how to live with out having any problems in the future.

What is the Man:
 Man is the totality of the permanent members in an Atom. Man, Human, Person are being used as synonyms. Man, Human - these two are same but man and person are not synonyms.
That means a person is just a part of an Atom.

In an Atom three male and three female exist. The comprehensiveness of these six is the Man.
It means Man = An Atom.
An Atom or a Man contains six persons.
These six persons are having three permanent natures and three permanent personalities. Nature means an Electron , a Proton, and a Neutron.

Electron exists as the form of Nature and it acts as the source for the physical bodies and  in turn it  creates the energy as the basic material  on the basis of physical forms.

Proton is the lord of Atma, which enacts as the tool to enhance the strength.

Neutron is as the form of Manasu, and exists as the totality of the Unit's capability, and works as the source to co ordinate the strength and power. 

The power is supplied to Atmas from the Sun

To Manasu from  the Moon

To Bodies from the Earth

           The sources for Natures  are  The Sun, The Moon, and The Earth. These three have also the Atma, Prakruti svarupas ( The Sun= Prakruti+ Purusha; The Moon= Prakruti+ Purusha; The Earth=  Prakruti+ Purusha). They also live like the persons in the frame work of life and death and they  exist as the  sources for the development of all Human beings.

For each nature and form there is a special personality.
Though there is an illusion that all humans(persons) are same, basically all persons exist with three different natures and three different personalities.

I will explain the difference between them through an immediate  eye sight. Just observe the structure of the ears. The part of the ear which is below the the place where we fix the ear rings is in three different forms.
1)  The ears which are small in size and closely affixed to the cheeks
2) The ears which are wide
3) The ears which are in moderate size 

One's personality is the  representative of any of these three natures but each person's body is built by all these three natures.

So each person who is with the physical body is built with the co -ordination of Prakruti, Manasu, and Atma.

This point is easy to  identify and there are land marks in a person's body to do this. Those are person's fingers and toes

Thumb is for Neutron; index finger  and middle fingers  are for Proton; last two fingers are for Electron- stand as representatives. A person can easily assume his/ her Unit's members position through them.

Every nature and form has it's personality. Nature and personality are dependents to the God. Personality is with the two  different genders, male and female. Personality is the source  for the nature and form to live on

To identify the second half for  a male or a  female who have the same personality, there is the easiest way to find.  Along with the structure of ears, there are lines of the feet, which are useful. Same personality persons have the same lines on the feet.

e.g. If there are- the person named Martin with Neutron nature and with the personality, Dharma; The person,  Mary, who also has the personality- Dharma and  Neutron nature with the form of  Prakruti, these both two have the same lines on their palms and feet, because they have the same Personality. Among the billions of people, the same personality persons have only the same lines like this. They are only The Made For Each Other.

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