Sunday, September 27, 2015


FREEDOM -what we often use is meaningless and wrong concept.

Freedom - swa+iccha (in Sanscrit language ) means one's own desire

                To know the meaning of freedom - swa (one's own)+iccha (desire)  one should know the meaning of " I".  Freedom does not mean living with the male or female whom we like or wandering or be  in a drunken condition or believing in different theories or believing in different Gods.

                 From whom we are desiring the free freedom?   This should be known to all with out any pretentiousness or any browbeating to their logical mind.

                           One should get the real freedom only when they live according to  the Dharma.

                      Other than to it  is none other than deceiving the Atma and deceiving the Prakruti.

If a person has the thoughts, doings and  feelings, all that only merge in  him/her,  then only he/she will be called  the Free Person. That He/She  can only say about his actions and cause and effect relations with  out running away by using the words- "I don't know" . But unfortunately or fortunately still there is no one born on the earth to say in that way. Why do I have to say?  No need to say,  Its my will,  I feel like that - type words only  show us the personalities who always hide themselves in the tortoise shell.

                             Why this elaborate description?  To make know the wrong concept of Freedom.

             Nowadays, even in a family no one like the others likings. Why because,  all the persons in a family are not originally belong to  that same family.  Though they are physically belong to that  family,  their roots are not in that family and they belong to different families and do exist with different personalities and represent different families.

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