Thursday, September 24, 2015


                      We often hear the word SOULMATES as equivalent to the relation of wife and husband which is an utterly wrong concept.  Soulmate is absolutely related to the male. It might be a shocking one to the common usage and understanding.  But it is true. Like as the  roommates and classmates, who live in the same place Soulmates also exist in the same atom and they have the same purpose. The Trimurhi - Brahma,Vishnu,Maheswara are the example for the concept of Soulmates.

                                        In the same way there are PRAKRUTIMATES, which is confined to the female.  This concept is completely unknown to the human thinking and understanding up to now. Prakrutimates also live in the same atom and they work for the same purpose. The existence of Lakhmi, Sarasvathi, Parvati is the best example to this.

                                     MEO,  which stands for MADE FOR EACH OTHER is the key concept for HUMANOLOGY.  To make the human as the un sufferer as its ultimate object, it elaborately explained the features of male and female who born for the other.

                   The male and female who are made for each other instinctively have the same pleasure and pain where ever they are and how ever they are.

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