Saturday, September 12, 2015


                                   Unity of personalities have been  done by mating with the persons, either male or female who are in the same unit,  with same  personality or different personalities. Pollution started at this point.

                      Except the unity between same personality male and female, remaining all unities cause pollution and bonding . The unities on the basis of Relations, caste, clan, religion, region, language, inter caste, inter religion, inter national, inter continental-  are caused pollution.  They are not the pure and natural unities. This is the truth is to be recognized by the humans.

               What is the "problem" of the human? It is the question here . Pollution is the problem of the human. Being polluted is the beginning of the human problem. These polluted relations caused the human to fall in to the heinous conditions and made them  not even to be understood his own nature and personality.

         Each and every human is a member of a family.   This family exists with its crores of members.
Each and every family has a head  . That head may be Brahma, Vishnu, Paramesvara, Sarasvathi, Lakshmi, Kalika or may be Yahowa, Jesus, Holy Spirit, or may be Mahammad, Allah. People are well known of these heads as their Goddesses, and Gods to their family. In this way all of these exist as the heads of their family.

                After knowing of all the nature and personality, a person can know his/ her personality. Thus he/she can know his/her family. We have to recognize that knowing some land marks  through  the eye sight is a small thing in the entire knowing process.

                To identify their family  members, here is a small land mark. That is the structure of the toes. The structure of the toes is completely equal to the entire family's . The roots of a person are the feet which are on the earth, but the roots of the family are in the earth.

            All members of a family exist as an inseparable part in the head of the family.

                              Physical means: The bodies which are called of five elements. Those are male and female . And they are seen by physical eyes.

           The earth, sea, stars, planets, satellites, meteors, stone, iron, gold- all things, and lively things contain female and male power, and strength.

The sources of a substance called stone are the Atma, which is called  as stone- and nature. These two are male and female. This pair is  natural and pure.

          Meta physical means: The bodies which are seen by the eyes called inner sight. Those are  Prakruthi and Purusha, Sakti swarupa+Atma swarupa

            Each person has the physical and meta physical forms.  There are important roots which are base to these two forms. But the centers of them are different. For female that is in the Nature. Physical world is  the form of nature. For Atmas the centre is the Daivatma who is with the personality Daivam( GOD) this is the main centre for Atmas.

                         The existence of a person is the physical representation of the person"s root forms. Male and female persons are the junction points which link the roots of  Atma and Prakruthi.

                      On the "basis" of a person,  there are so many existences and establishments in this universe to it. The personality which is spreaded through out the universe is not revealed here. But we have  to remind it in our knowledge.

            The earth is the center to the thousands of the families which have crores of the members.

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