Monday, September 14, 2015


               At the beginning of the creation Families are in unpolluted condition. Each Family, which is on the earth and beyond earth has its own property to live on. Own property means-the whole , which is needed to a human's Family. They are land, Nature, tools, vehicles and so on.

          A Family's own property is un separable part to it . A Family's mobile and immobile properties are under the control of its Head's Nature root form  and  the Atma root form.  The expressive forms of these are exist on the earth as their own land, persons, means, water, and other living things. This is the Holy Family- which is  un alienated, pure and the natural form of existence to the Family.

               A person's past is recorded  as the memory in the person's nature. A person has the facility to know the past like as  he knows the old details through the old documents.

        "I" means- a part of the Atom's complete form of its Family.  That means " I " is the One of an Atom's natures- either negative nature or positive nature.

                   A person is an un separable part of the  whole, that is the Family. As the Family has its own property, a person  has also  the defined own property. A person, person's own property, family, family's own property are in separable parts. like as the parts of the  body to a person, his personal property is also the same. The  personality is not only in the body or Atma. It is also in his own property. 

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