Friday, December 18, 2015




                                   The time is also in a difficult time. In the hands of Kalnagu, Kal bhairava and Kala yama it became into pieces and lost its existence. There is no any being in the creation which doesn't know the God and Knowledge. Just think with a discrimination. Today you have Two types of Knowledge. One is the wrong  knowledge, meant for making your personality into pieces. This has resulted from the Bond. The other is the right knowledge meant for blossoming your personality. No one can teach it to you.  Why because the taught one is always be the wrong knowledge. The right one is always in you. That one is dug up to use only  by you . To dig up that knowledge you should n't take any help outer from you.

                            Why because, each person's own knowledge, memory  and all of them are stored in that Person's Nature roots.

                      From that roots of the Nature, its Male only knows that secrets. It is impossible to others.

                     As the Human reached to a miserable condition, left his  own life,  unable to know  own knowledge, now the Human has been begging for the minimum  knowledge to get on his daily life for years  and is being examined at every door of it.   The system which is developed on the basis of Adharmam divide the people as the beggars and  the donors.

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