Wednesday, December 16, 2015


             Blossoming our self with  love, bliss and peace which are hidden in us, with our power and capabilities creating prosperity and enjoying ourselves makes the God (God and Goddess) who is the base for this creation, feel happy.

                     It is painful to see the following after the worthless Gurus,Gods  like  beggars by us  though we have the enormous peace and bliss in us in this most spacious universe  is really  painful to the God.

               God is the source to supply the sufficient power - capability and means to the Human to create the entire Universes.

                  He is such an innocent who don't know the meaning of prayers, food presented to him, devotion,anointing like chief tricks. He doesn't desire it and receive it.

                 God( God+ Goddess) is the most patient to the human errors though the human is doing so many blunders by following Untruth and Adharma.

                                  He is n't the corrupted one to receive your offerings.

Do you know who create this wast Universe?

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