Thursday, December 10, 2015


                           There is no past. There are  only present and future. In the future, the Atma remains only. In the two options, Heven and Hell,  only one is to be obtained. After the Judgenent Day, Heven or Hell will be obtained. This type of material is sold by Christian and Islam institutions and their branches.

                There is a little importance for the Nature in this type of propaganda. That means the Universe is given a little importance.

           Nature, and the female, who is the form of Nature have a  trivial part in it.  Why because the Female is the form, who created from the rib of the Male.

                     They propagate that the birth of the Human is the action of Sin. They propagate Adam and Eve theory, But they dont have the clarity on the issues how to identify the Eve for a Adam. They don't know how to make identify a Male his Eve .

          This theory is in forefront of its trade expansion. The believers of this theory have a strong faith on  their marriages that they are done by the God to make unite with their partners. They say the same with others. But what is the role of the Satan, who has the equivalent strength with the God in this action? How can  He interfere in it. .

                              There is the ambiguity on  the number of the followers of the Satan. How many of them are there? How many of them are there in the preachers? How can they built the opposite systems to God and how can they propagate against the God are the confusing questions.  

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