Monday, December 14, 2015



                       Ultimately the Female is being exploited in this exploitation process. the Atmas are exploiting the Natutes.

                         Rationalists, atheists and the persons who bare the name of science- there are so many types of groups people.

                      Modernity and science are the covers for them. The loopholes of the previous systems are the food for them. Science is their vision. That means scientific perspective. These are the most superstitious people than the people who strongly believe that their God is the only true God.

                      Here science and  God are the different names. But the belief is common. In the present time the people who preach the science  have the skill to make people fear in the name of science.

             If there are any Atmas and Natures not fished by these religious systems, there is the ultimate power to catch them, that is the Medicine. It is the chief commander of all the religious systems. Capitalism is the beloved child of religion.

                         In the web of all these systems and their sayings- who emphasize them selves as the true, we have got the opinion  that it is only for the super human beings knowledge to divide which is truth and which is not.

                             But there is a famous story of a fly which forgets its OWN NAME.  

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