Thursday, December 3, 2015


             All these details are given here for only to understand how the monk get the Power and Capabilities.

            The monks who got the extra Power and Capabilities in this way, started to destroy what there was and created the new things. They created new policies, systems, states. Till now the monks and religious institutions are ruling the entire systems.

              In this way the development of Atma proceeded to wards wealth and power by leaving the Nature (Female). Renunciation which has started in the name of solution for the bond of polluted annoyance, has increased the pollution to its top most and created the strong prisons and now It is in the search of the ways how to get rid of all these obstacles.

              There is the only one Beginning and Ending to this disturbance which has created by renunciation. To the entire systems of renunciation, the principle Male, Shiva and the principle Nature Parvathi are the beginning and ending to this problem.

               In the process of Creation they had to do an important role but they were obstructed to mate and thus the all types of religious and renunciation systems are in the existence.

                   The so called 18 Shakti Pithas, 12 Jyotir lingas and as the Atma linga who owned by Ravana- all these are the destructed forms of Them . They have to free from  the other personalities like- Ganga, Naga, Chandra,  which have mingled with their personalities, and with their pure innocence Personalities and free from bonds they have to mate with mutual recognition. If it not happened those Two  may become destructive. As Shiva and Parvathi don't live according to the Dharmam they are in the condition of becoming perish .

                        It is the major issue, which is the deciding factor for the Future.

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