Monday, December 7, 2015


                 There is no difference between the companies which sell soaps, condoms,vehicles, clothes and so on to the institutions which propagate religion .

                             Publicity is the need of Untruth and Adhrmam.

         There is no need to propagate for the Truth, Dharmam and The God.

                 The Truth, Dharmam, and The God are the materials  to be known only. But not  to be publicized and get develop through marketing. When we know  this truth,  this evil business will be stopped at the immediate moment . That will perish and the Light spread in to the darkness.

                 All this type of institutes ultimate goal is money earning and getting power to rule. The entrance into the God's Kingdom, Entry into the Heaven, to get Moksha, Birthlessness, Eternal Bliss, Un sorrowfullness, having eternal living, equal society all these are the  names of the baits. Every person can get attracted by any one of these baits. 

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