Saturday, December 5, 2015



                     Lust is the one of the most degenerated problems of renunciation. The lust which has to blossom the personalities became unrestrained. Because of the personalities, who don't like to satisfy their lust and who don't know the ways to satisfy it , the Creation turned into perversion.

                            Lust is the root for the Creation. This lust has turned and has been turning into the destructive force of Creation. Bonds which act as the restrains of lust between Personalities, and waste materials are making the Personalities fragmentation. On the basis of these Bonds and waste materials so many Personalities are existed. Those are also the squeezed of lust. The last weapon of Natures  against  the violent form of lust is  covering the Earth with ice to save the Creation. But the unrestricted heat which is lingering around the Universe is denying  this Alternative also. The contraction of the Universe started so many years ago.

                Restraining of lust and having desire of lust with out the person is opposite to Dharmam.

             If we protect the Dharmam, Dharmam protects us is the wrong concept.

                  If we dont live according to the Dharmam, Dharmam will punish

                 Dharmam is not the material which is saved by the Persons or Gods.

                  It is the correct way of Life.

               There is only one Dharmam for all the Persons or Gods and for the entire Creation. It is only One but not many.

The household life according to the Dharamam is the safeguard for the Natures and Atmas.

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