Monday, November 30, 2015


                       We  know the fact that so many wars were  happened for the cause of woman. What is there specially in a  particular woman, but not in Another ?  Beauty like simple answer is  not apt here. So what is the reason for it?

                    If we limit our quest to the visible facts we never know the complete truth. We know each Female has the specific Personality. The war for the Female,  who is the base and the form of Nature for a particular Holy Family  means, it gives us the details to understand the truth behind it. That particular Female is not an ordinary Female.  She is the  form of the Super Power. The Person who does the war for Her is not doing it for Her, but for the Super Power. By getting hold of Her,  He controls Her entire Family.

                             Through getting marriage to a Female, we often here the sayings , that the Family or the Village became well or destroyed. In the same way we here the sayings also," due to the birth of the Boy or Girl that Family got fortune".

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