Saturday, November 14, 2015


             The personalities who entered in to the bond,  enter in to the deep world of darkness. All bonds come in to existence through male and female "sexual relations". All these bonds have developed in to so many types. This  process has reached to its peak extremity which can do destroy even  the creators of these bonds.

                   To its ultimate level, even the forms of bonds are also propagated as some Divinity, Truth and the Dharmam. One must recognize all these are the forms of Adharmam and Satan.

                        Expecting the Purity, Ethical Values, Honesty, Peace, Pleasure, and Bliss  in bonding is  equal to expecting the un-corrupted administration from the politician who purchase the voters for his winning.

               Ill health came in to existence when the bond has started.

                           Bond- Doctor- Ill health are the triplets of the same parturition. With out the annihilation of the bond, the ill health couldn't be rooted out. Doctor is the henchman of the exploitation  process.

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