Tuesday, November 10, 2015


                            Without the Doctor and Engineer, the bond couldn't be possible.  From the comprehensive form of the person, a doctor can do remove the tools of the person ( they may be the person's bones, or things or any thing), with the consent or with out the consent, secretly, and he prepares the the person for bonding. The engineer who constructs the bonding. This process can be possible through any type of things of the person.

                     In this way the bond has started with the three person's components. This has shaped with the polluted personalities only. This has been continuing. This is the malignant action which is completely opposite to the Dharmam. The bond is the creation of the Adharmam.

                  In  Mathematics the so called Triangle is the first form of the bond. This is in the existence of the well known enchantment - OM + NAMAH + SIVAYAH

                                               This "Enchantment" is the polluted form of the bond of the three personalities. Enchantment is the password to get in to the System.  We have so many enchantments like this, who came into existence through the persons bondings. These bondings are the Metaphysical banks of the  Black money. They are the abodes of exploitation. These bondings are the causes for the Black holes of the physical world. As we know  at least a little about the Black holes,  it is immaterial to go in to details. But one thing to emphasis is that  the relations  between  the human bondings and the form and nature of the Black holes. It should be known to us. Through Black matter, the creators of the Black holes are in the illusion that the entire world is unaware of what they are doing.

By the persons who are in  the form of Atma with Electron and Proton natures, Black matter is created. There are so many Substances like this. Anti matter, White matter are some of these. What is going on and what happened  in the Black holes like places are the important questions to be known. But those records of them are also safely preserved like the happenings of on the Earth.

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