Wednesday, November 18, 2015


                 Through the Renunciation, some illusions came in to dissemination. Some of those are :

1. Knowing the God and become  Oneness in to the God.

2. Attaining Moksha from the bond of this Universe.

3. Developing from the Human to  the Divine.

4. Renunciate every thing and  be beyond to the physical affection and hatred to reach the state of Eternal Bliss.

5. For the prosperity of the  Universe.

                    All these are some of the answers to the question, why you are renouncing, which are  in the dissemination.

            But the truth is - the hermits are using the Power, though they are not being caught in the physical bond through the Female. They have been expanding in to the Universe by enhancing the  strength of the  Atma extensively, and creating the world which is absolutely under their control.  As the  result  the Nature is becoming severe destruction and getting deterioration.

                        One of the old China Proverbs is exactly suitable to the system of renunciation.

                 That is - Root is void, Stem is weak, Leaf is dense.

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