Saturday, November 21, 2015


                 There is a wrong concept which is deeply rooted among the people, that is the Nature is the commodity for the man to enjoy.

                  The monks are living in the illusion with the  whimsical speculations to get the state of not having a physical body, which is eventually denying the Nature, and to escape from the frame of Birth and Death to attain a state of Eternity. As a result, their physical  vision got obfuscated to recognize the deformated results of their desires. These short sighted fellows are being proud and saying the punch dialogues  in a serious tone like AHAM BRHMASMI, AYAMATMA BRHMA,and I AM THE GOD.

                         Daivatma reflexes even to its some what extent in the Atmas who got caught in bonds also. If we hug the person who smear the scent over   their body, that scent smell also adheres us. The person has forgotten that he has the certain  personality and  he is the the being in the form of Atma. All it  has happened for so many years ago.   That the reflected  God material like the scent in him has caused an illusion in him/her to feel him/her as the God . This is the highest illusion among the monks.

            Later this illusion has spread over in to the persons who are in the house hold works also. 

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