Monday, November 16, 2015


                      To escape from the fruits of the bond, exploitation, oppression, desires, agony, ill health and so on,  the person has invented  a weapon - that is Sanyasam (Renunciation).

                              To escape from the physical bond, which has came into existence through the mating of another Male and Female, and the need to save the Existences to their extent caused the creation of Sanyasam. In this system of Renunciation, at first there were only the Male but later the Female also joined with them. In the back ground of this system, an evil has developed - that is the sharing of life with so many, through the sex in the life time of a person and developing the wrong Personality.

                              In the process of Sharing and Developing, the characters of Male, like Sense and Discrimination began to ruin. In the same way Love, Affection, Intelligence, and Memory like characters are also began to ruin. Why all this happened ? Why because, the persons have   became  uncontrollable due to the availability of enormous  Power which is above to their Capability and the enormous Capability which is above to their Power, vice versa. This is also a result of polluted Personalities and  The bonds.

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