Saturday, November 28, 2015



                          What is the Fate of the Female, who is  the form of the Nature, of the renounced Person ? If the Male renounced, Who has to fulfill Her needs, how can Her needs be satisfied? To solve this problem She becomes the second wife to the another Female's Male or She owns Him at any cost, like deeds started. As a result new agreements, conflicts, violence like harms have started.

               Some how the Female, who reached the another's Male  gets the availability of the extra Power and Strength . In this way the monk is with the extra Power and Strength.

                  Let us see  how the Power and Strength is  delivered  by mating of the Male and Female in two small examples. This can be helped to the readers to think in a new way.

                        After marriage, the persons who have mated, get the changes in their bodies. That may be little in some persons and some may get it in high levels. Often we hear the expressions like, "you have changed a lot after your marriage". When the two materials get mixed, it is natural that they get some newness. Hence all these changes are common in our experiences, like the weaker getting the extra strength and the stronger  losing their strength.

                     But the society is in a position not to like to agree the causes of these changes. Or the facts are in  a hidden condition.

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