Saturday, November 28, 2015


                 In the wake of new situations, a conflict starts with in the Person, Family and Unit. If the Person is available this conflict can be happen externally. If he is not available and escape from it to the far off distances this conflict can be happen internally.

                Callous one is stronger than the king Proverb is originated from these fellows. The family members conciliate with him, and even left him to avoid the conflict.

                  Why  they do so because, they have to do labor for their life. Rearing the family, protection like duties are there to be done. So these weaknesses are the strength of the person who want to become a monk.

                Now the monk mount up to a step. Through a truce with his Unit,  not to make any trouble to it for his Physical, Mental, and Soul related needs,   he takes it in to his control . Then the Soul of the monk starts a new construction with out having any rest. It engages all its time for the new knowledge which is needed for it

                In this journey, a monk needs more and more extra energy and strength. That will also be fulfilled . Let us see how it will be happen.

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