Monday, November 23, 2015



                      Truth has been arrested  and the actual equality between Male and Female has also been buried in the grave. As per character, though it is a Female dominated society, the Female,  who is being exploited and oppressed by the Male also participating in this competition of  illusion.  Some Female persons are also came forward to be worshiped like as the Goddesses.

              All types of renunciations and the systems of Ashrama are the ways and isms to escape only. Renunciation is not a solution to any type of problem.

                There is nothing to say about the people who do go to this monks and do pray to get some thing from them.

                          The base for the crazy, perversive actions like getting worshiped by the Female, by saying  that the husband is the direct God to Her,  is the  cunning craft of the escaping  system of renunciation.

                        The bond has been started by changing the organs, places, and things through the actions like stealing and  confiscating. By the newly produced Power and Capabilities ( like Black matter, Anti matter, White matter)  from  these ways, new systems  has evolved as alternatives to the Holy Family System. All these are the forms of the new system them selves.

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