Sunday, November 15, 2015


                By the bond only,  a person  losses his own personality and owns another personality. The conglomeration of different personalities cause to start conflict in a person. Due to this mental stress and conflict a person  feels  a fierce brawl to do what he wants. Why is it happening? Why because man has started to do the actions what he desires  by avoiding to do the actions with his own power and capabilities. One's desire is always stands against to other's desire. Then a person feels  an internal brawl (  mental, physical, and natural )  to fulfill his desires. This can lead to external conflicts and wars.

                     This situation has came  due to the loss of own personality and filling  that vacuum with other materiel. If  a person called  X,  desires to fill his loss from Y or A,  and  then they wouldn't co operate with X,  - this situation leads to generate a thought in X to steal it or attack on them with his extra power and capabilities what he gets from the bond. In generally no one wouldn't do any business which falls in to loss.

                            All ailments what we are seeing in our society are systematized through the bond it self. That is the cause that all these ailments have the support from the people openly or secretly. The innocent intelligent people often feel confusion on this matter, why the some people do support to the heinous actions. As they don't know the real form of bond they feel like this. No one knows the number of loser and gainers through bonding.  At some times it might be in  crores.

                               Devoid of any thing from me what I deserves  and adding any thing to me what is not belong to me,  becomes the bond. The bond can only do the loss or gain to a person .

The Bond is the cause for Desires.
The Desires are the base for the Disasters.

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