Saturday, October 17, 2015


                                     This pollution has spread out from the Duality to Plurality, and it reached the stage to destroy the roots of the Personality.

                  Dharma is the blossoming and developing  of the male and female who born for one another, and they live to their extent with out adhering to any sewage.

                                    Dharma is is the substance which makes to blossom in this way. If the true(Satya) substances( basic substances)- which are the base for the Personality,  develop in the same time in  the personality's all in all existences - then, it is called the life which follows the Dharma.

Satya (truth)- Dharma- Kala(time),  these three are the substances of a single Unit. With out one the other two couldn't exist. The One's state and destiny is depended up on the other  Two.

Satya- Dharma are the two sides of the coin, Kala (time). If a person lives according to the Dharma, that means,  he/she can automatically knows the Satya.  Love, Bliss, Health, the Manah (manassu), which doesn't have the Duality- all these good qualities fragrance in that Person .

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