Sunday, October 18, 2015



                           If a person questions to him/herself and try to explore him/herself, He can know that he is the form of the Atma and She can know that she is the form of the Prakruthi, in particularly if it is Atma, the specialty of that Atma and if it is Prakruthi the specialty of that Prakruthi-  are completely known to  them. In this way the Time should help to know the comprehensive Truth of him/herself and lead his/ her life according to the Satya and live as per Dharma.

                Due to the pollution of Dharma and fading away of Satya,  Adharma and Asatya became glorious and they occupied the complete sky. The time which is the base for these two also divided in to the names like Good time and Bad time and it alienated in to different types.

                                 The deeds of the persons and the issue of  how these deeds are achieved, are completely dependent on the basis- how much time does they have in their hands. The Jyothisya which is bearing the name as superstition, Vastu and the Muhurthas related to marriages, constructions and even for the experiments of space are completely dependent on Time. Lenin intellectually called the October revolution of 1917 as the Muhurtham for Revolution. This shows us that even for the  so called communists also, there is a need for the Time and that should act in favour of their necessities . The substance of Time became different to each region and each type of theory because the Personalities of  Kala Purusha and Kala Prakruthi were became alienated,  they were impounded by different organisations at different places. This caused the privation to Kala Purusha and Kala Purusha. Now the time is not favour to them.

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