Thursday, October 8, 2015



                                          To explain about the universe which has two un-separable existences is immaterial here. So this basic information is enough to explore the root causes of human problems.

                                Now we look in to the problems. As we know all of them, it is no need to explain the names of the problems in detail. They may be health problems, mental stress, family problems, social, caste, religious and economical problems. For a single problem there are various types of solutions in our common acceptance. Though there are so many solutions, the problems of the person is growing in number day by day.

                      Here, one should know an important point- that there is only one solution for a problem, not so many.

              But at present there are lakhs of explanations and crores of solutions for the person's problems.

                                Some persons say by repeating the prayers of the names of Vishnu or Jesus or Allah, we can  get rid of the problems. In the same way some say practicing the Ashrama Dharma make the persons immune to the problems. Enchantment, Horoscope, Dhyana, Yoga, learning knowledge education, following the right way of life, taking good medicines- all these are some of the names and ways what we are following in our daily life.

                                   Some other think, it is the only solution to all the problems, that is - changing the structural form and nature of the society. Some feel Rama Rajya is the asylum, and some stress on the Sanatana Dharma. Some people suppose the physical life is the degrade one and it is the abode of sin. Some propagate for Heaven, rebirthlessness, The Kingdom of God and so on. And there are so many theories for casteless and religionless society. The propagators of these say, that  the equal society(communism) is the solution to all. By all these, person is in confusion to understand the roots of the problem. There is the chaos among us about what is the correct way, who is the correct leader or Guru, or God. There are so many people who do prayers for their problems in different types of places like Temples, Mosques, Churches and so on.

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