Tuesday, October 20, 2015


                           Living according to the Dharmam means living a person through his Personality and living with the development and enlightenment  of  Prakruthi+Purusha. A person can live according to Dharmam when there is no interference of other persons.

          If a person steals other person's any materiel of the property and keeps it in his/her control, that means the first person has kept under control of the second person's Personality.

                                      i.e: Suppose there is an Atma swarupa with the Personality, Dharmam and his pen or even  his hair is stolen by another Atma swarupa with the Personality Krodham (anger). Then, that means the Krodha swarupa has possessed the materiel of Dharmam, and the power and capability of Dharmam are completely under his control. In this example Dharmam hasn't lost only his pen, he has lost his power and capabilities.  This was the beginning point in the society to misappropriate unrestrainingly the extra power and capabilities which have got through  the stealth materiel.

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