Friday, October 30, 2015


                    There are the type of people who always do engage in searching for what they have lost and there are another type- they search for the people who have the sound balance sheet  to expand and develop their companies . Palmistry is one of the ways in this searching. All these efforts  are meant for searching the people who are strong enough and powerful.

                     There is no alternative to the Suitable. It always be the Only One. Other than to this Only One, there are crores of alternatives. These are owned through auction, conflict, and even war also. Hence the Own Material is different to Owned Material.

                  Own Material is never gets separated but the owned material  can  be separated  from us at any time. This is its character.

                       Doing rape the female is not mere the action done by the male to satisfy his lust, it is to exploit the power of female and to take them under their control. Usually  the persons who does rapes are the only vehicles. The persons who use them secretly are always be invisible and exercise extra power to do this action through the vehicles. The so called Gods who always get the worships and prayers are in the first row to do use This Way

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