Saturday, October 3, 2015


Freedom, rights like slogans, movements, struggles, theories are the expressive forms of Adharma. All these are conspiracies and artifices of Adharma.
The existences of body and being of body both have these statuses and courses -that means the existences of Physical and Meta physical.

There is the common opinion that  physical world and metaphysical worlds are different to each other and extraordinary to each other. But that is false. Atma, Power, GOD all of these are parts of a single body. Other than to these there are no other existences, forms and characters.

All the universes  which are visible to the eyes and the universes which are visible to the metaphysical eyes have the common base that is the single Personality- THE GOD . It has also two forms and two existences. The Prakruti and Purusha( Atma+Sakti ; Male+ Female ) which have the personality of GOD divide in to two, God and Goddess and exist at two places. They have also the Physical and Metaphysical bodies. They have also  the death and birth.

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