Sunday, October 11, 2015


Due to the unknownness of the problem, and as we haven't done any to know it, the person has been searching for the solution in wrong ways. By doing that he was caught in the wrong ways and in the midst of accumulated wrong knowledge. These consequences made him to sink in to the complexity which is very difficult , whether the whole human being would rise to do solve it. 

Why it has done?   It has been done by the deterioration of The Dharma, being polluted of Personality, alienation, being exploited, and do exploitation.

The mating of the  Male and Female (Goddess of  Dharma+ The Soul of Dharma)   -who has the Personality of Dharma, with the male and female who has the -Other- Personality caused the Pollution. This was the beginning to it. Alienation, exploitation, inequality  started from then. To get a novelty or with malice some one has done this. But the result has been alienation, exploitation and oppression.

The entire Universe is nothing but the body of The  Two Existences of the God. Dharma is the heart to that body. The duty of the Dharma is to lead the Personalities in a correct way.

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