Wednesday, October 14, 2015


                                In the own life, a person lives with his own power and capabilities. So there is a clarity of his labor and its result to him. He is absolutely responsible to his Karma. The co ordination with his family members and other family members is simple and clear and  those relations don't obstruct  the person's enlightenment and development.

                           But in the "Bonding ," the responsibility of the person becomes a confusion and there is a chaos to know who is responsible to a particular action and a particular result. So in our present society, as it is impossible to know the root causes of the on going violence and natural calamities, we go to explore alternatives.

                      Each and every alternative in turn becomes a beginning point for the risk of new problems. Earth quakes, cyclones, famines, excess of rain- like natural calamities are generally confined to a particular area.

                         Why such particular area becomes the abode to them?   Why because that place is the base for a particular Nature's family. The different opinions of  the particular Nature's family with other Nature's families or with in the family, the  relations become rigorous and they lead to conflicts and then there will be natural calamities.

                           For example if a particular place changes in to a desert that means the family which resides there, is completely exploited.

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