Wednesday, October 28, 2015



                            Let it be aside the result of the tomorrow of the development which has taken place through the hundred crores of years. Now a days, as the person, human is in a quest with getting  so many feelings,  doing violence and being tortured, he is searching with annoyance.  But he didn't get the happiness, satisfaction, peace and prosperity in his own life, though he searched a lot, experienced a lot, earned a lot, and at last he did renunciation and became a monk for them.

                The happiness,  satisfaction, peace, and prosperity become more  distant  to the person  as much as he distant to his own life.

          Each and every male does search for every female body without  age bar , because he has to mate with the Form of Power( Sakti  Swarupini), who gives him the satisfaction, love, peace and at the same time she is the only one to save his Personality. But in these polluted bondings any male cant do recognize his own female clearly, and straightly.

           This is the cause for the male's lustful sight towards the female. Female is also does the same thing in her own style and she also searches for her own male and await for him. With out knowing this Truth the male and the female both are getting frustrated from their beloved or married or desired mates as they don't have the real love, peace and satisfaction from the others. Through  this dissatisfaction they have been hating, hurting each other and they don't hesitate even to kill the other.

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