Thursday, October 22, 2015


                         In the process of changing the Dharmam in to Adharmam,  the first cause for it is the adultery and the second one is the alienation of the personality of Dharmam.

                     The person has left his/her second Form and Essence and has been continuing his/her life with the other person by covering him/her in the name of Dharmam. And this has became the Dharmam of the person, freedom of the person.

When the person's personality has been concealed and became alienated, then all this process has been glorified with the name of Person's Dharmam and actually all this was nothing but the development of Adharmam, which has been continueing on.

This type of Aadharmam has been continuing on in so many names like Dharmam of person, Dharmam of profession, Dharmam of society, Dharmam of caste and religion, Dharmam of ashrama, Dharmam of sanyasa, Dharamam of gruhastu, Dharmam of priest, Dharmam of mother , father and son, Dharmam of varna and so on.

Just observe this process, how the Dharmam became the suffix to the person's freedom( sweccha = swa+iccha). All this process is nothing but the changing of Dharmam  in to Adharmam.

The person who says that he is just  doing his/her work according to the guidance of his/ her personality, is the person who became the victim of polluted bondings and he is the living expression of such type of Dharmam. So he/she can easily says, by leaving the Duty what he/ she actually  has to do,   I am doing my Dharmam  or   I am doing  my professional Dharmam. 

By The relations of the person which make  the Own Personality to disappear,  the Dharmam has became the rived cloth which has lost its existence. As a result, the  Adharmam became the common accepted form of Dharmam.

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