Monday, October 19, 2015



          Mating with other persons, and the issues related to Personality got impounded by other persons had caused the Pollution and it had been developed day by day.

The Pollution which came in to existence because of mutual understanding, had  later changed in to the process of  "Bonding". By concealing the any issue of a person, or impounding and taking under control of a  a person's power and capabilities with out having any permission from him/her came in to existence, and this art of theft had developed to its higher stage.

Temple, Mosque, Church like commercial complexes had constructed with this Art of Theft.

Making bond is the oxygen to the Adharmam.

The declination of Dharmam/ development of Adharmam are caused by Bonding. And it has been going on.

In this process the Dharmam which has to lead the Personalities in the right path has got degradation in its power and capability and ultimately it  has alienated. Hence the Dharmam has came nearer to loss of its existence. To understand this point please observe these two sentences.

A person living according to Dharmam

A person practicing the Dharmam of his/her own.

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