Friday, October 16, 2015


                           Suppose if a person called X+1 works for 8hours and takes rest for 8 hours and sleeps for 8 hours. If  the same person mates with XY-1 and gets polluted and thus he gets availability of extra power and capability. As the result we suppose, the person X+1 can do the work for extra one hour or two hour. And the person Y+1 gets the deficiency incapability to do the work or gets deficiency in rest or sleeping time. In this process, the person Y+1 gets the incapability to do the daily work. In this way the process of losing or gaining of energy  had emerged. This process had started at the beginning with a consensus or an agreement and now they have grown  impossible to be rejected or prevented.

                                    The well known exploitation, persecution of rich from poor has the roots in Polluted Personality. The persons X and Y, by mating with their partners, they had  lost their existences and personalities and they reached the new state of  BEING DEJECTED .

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